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Cinema City Flora

30/10/2017 Very nice environment, nearby center. I had fun.

posted by Ladislav Sýkorovský


18/11/2016 Ive been there with my family it was so much fun I would recommend it to everybody

posted by Emma Wood

Beer factory

07/09/2014 beer tastes bad (direct from the - obviously dirty tabs), food is LOUSY (they sell old, hard, dry...

posted by natorgas

Chapeau Rouge

06/03/2014 Love this place, the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is great. Really enjoyed the club...

posted by EmmalineA


08/05/2012 Went to retro last night with my boyfriend and a friend. As seems to be the norm in cz - we girls...

posted by arwenf-uk

The Drunken Monkey Sports Bar


posted by mysfitsin

M1 Lounge

15/01/2012 Great choice if you want to visit a nice bar with friends in the center of Prague, have a...

posted by hellocz

Music Club U Zlateho Stromu

05/01/2012 I always wanted to celebrate New Year´s Eve in Prague and when I finally got the chance it turned...

posted by mell

Bar No. 7

08/10/2011 The drinks may be a little expensive but the atmosphere makes up for it in this lovely little...

posted by ricicles

Rock Cafe

21/03/2011 The Rock Cafe still Rocks! It has to feature on everybody's regular list. It's just part of...

posted by perfect1

Rocky O'reilly's

14/03/2011 Good pub, if a little too pricey for a student like me. Felt sorry for the waitresses as at times...

posted by perfect1

Harley's Cocktail and Music Bar

07/03/2011 Let's face it, i am only here when on a big session. But it is the best place in the very centre...

posted by neildegville

Le Clan

02/02/2011 My all-time favourite morning after venue. The times i have ended up at LE CLAN after a long...

posted by sharris

U Medvidku

01/01/2011 I've visited this place several times but never again. The service is erratic but usually...

posted by BernieT

Le Tandem Lounge

15/09/2010 People seriously , i saw lot of bars in lot off different cities and places all over the world ....

posted by bashar

Shamrock Irish Pub

23/08/2010 I have had a few disappointing experinces in Prague with English Breakfasts. I like to treat...

posted by dannygee

Švandovo Divadlo

19/02/2010 Svandovo Divadlo is a great place - if you're Czech or have a basic command of the laguage. If...

posted by johanna Breen

The Saints

20/01/2010 Saints is Prague's expat gay bar... lots of regulars, very cool mixed crowd, relaxed drinking and...

posted by Bastiaan Huijgen


12/01/2010 It's great that they have a real non-smoking section and the beer is quite decent, but the food...

posted by aland

Sportbar Zlata Hvezda

03/01/2010 I call the place up looking for a specific sporting event. The a**hole on the other end of the...

posted by konicek30

Jo´s Cocktails & Diner

16/12/2009 It is difficult to write about a place I love so much, but I'll try anyway. Took a couple of out...

posted by Ciaran Kelly

Siddharta Café

16/12/2009 Ah, the power of advertising :) Yes, saw an advert and since my office is quite close, stopped...

posted by 1707

La Fabrique

15/12/2009 While booking place for a christmas party, we explicitly asked whether they are willing to...

posted by motion

Palac Akropolis

24/11/2009 I fell in love with this place when I was 16 (33 now). I moved to live here and I chose the to...

posted by peter.m