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Cinema City Flora

30/10/2017 Very nice environment, nearby center. I had fun.

posted by Ladislav Sýkorovský

Damian - Magician

29/07/2013 It was a honor to have Damian perform at my wedding. Damian performed walking magic to my guests...

posted by tasha22

Lightmotif coverband

16/08/2011 Lightmotiff got our wedding party off to a flying start. I have personally heard many wedding...

posted by applewood

Rock Cafe

21/03/2011 The Rock Cafe still Rocks! It has to feature on everybody's regular list. It's just part of...

posted by perfect1

Švandovo Divadlo

19/02/2010 Svandovo Divadlo is a great place - if you're Czech or have a basic command of the laguage. If...

posted by johanna Breen

Forman Brothers Theatre

26/10/2009 i went there to watch this amazing show... i'm speechless... it's great! a must for...

posted by

Kino Aero

22/06/2009 Can you imagine a movie theatre at which the emergency exits were locked? They are here. Big...

posted by Sid Lickman

Kino Světozor

26/01/2009 Tried to watch Waltzing with Bashir last night, and I it was bitterly frustrating. The film was...

posted by Ciaran Kelly

Kino 35 (French Institute)

01/01/2009 If you are into French (or French-speaking) movies, the Institut Francais is definitely a place...

posted by bananafish

Rehearsal Rooms

10/01/2008 Very rock and roll, not trying to be neat and tidy and all mod cons, the rehearsal rooms seem a...

posted by Elektrikgypsy

Jamie Marshall

21/10/2006 For those of you who haven't seen Jamie perform, you are truly missing something! He soulful...

posted by dolphingirl

Divadlo Na Fidlovačce

26/08/2005 Divadlo Na Fidlovacce, known for its wonderful musical productions, did not disappoint. Having...

posted by dolphingirl

Galerie U Andela

29/06/2005 If you pass this unusual gallery on the way to from the Andel tram stop to an internet cafe, you...

posted by phosphor100

Goya Music Hall

16/06/2005 The Les Miserables Bidnici at Goya Music Hall may well be better in Czech than my Les Miserables...

posted by phosphor100

Cinema City Slovanský dům

02/05/2005 For users of the Andel area, there is the cinematic choice of either Palace cinemas or Village...

posted by Scotty C