Looking for mentoring or coaching services in Prague

Could you recommend any qualified leadership/ human resource management coach/ mentor in Prague? Thank you in advance!

16:21:25 23.03.2012 Ilze

Hi, have you found someone yet?

22:43:35 10.04.2012 howe

I manage and work in a coworking space (a shared work space for freelancers and other independent workers) and there are a few coaches who also work there. All of them offer a first coaching session free and my sense is they do good work. Here are three that you might want to consider: Irena Štěpánová. She also runs a business that trains in-company trainers so they are ready to train on specialized soft-skill topics. You can get her contact info at her company website, http://www.trainingcookbooks.cz/o-nas/tym/. She doesn't advertise her coaching there, but I have experience with her and think she's quite good at a one-on-one level. She speaks English. Martin Bednář is an experienced coach and also speaks English fluently. Here's his website: http://www.adfonte.cz/martinbednaren.html Stuart Farleigh focuses on family business, but might also be interesting if you're working in that domain. Here's his website: http://www.familybusinessunit.com You can also learn a little more about Stuart and Irena on the coworking space members page: http://www.locusworkspace.com/members/members If you'd like introductions to any of them, just let me know and I can facilitate, but you could also just contact them directly. There are also a couple of online coaching organizations with presences in the Czech Republic that you can use to search for a coach that matches your requirements: The European Mentoring and Coaching Council: http://www.emccouncil.org/eu/en/find_mentorcoach The International Coach Federation's Czech site: http://www.coachfederation.cz/cz/hledam-kouce/registr-koucu-icf-cr.html Hope this is helpful. Will

09:12:09 17.04.2012 wmbennis