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Stand-up night (ENG) with Velvet Comedy


Stand-up night with Velvet Comedy
Open 19:00 // Start 20:00 // End 23:00

Tickets are on sale here: http://bit.ly/2oNJXYH
300 CZK in presale

Velvet Comedy is teaming up with Club DUPLEX to bring you an exclusive night of Stand-up Comedy. Locals best will welcome comedians from all around the world.

Headliner for the evening is David Tsonos!

If you want serious comedy David Tsonos is not your man. His comedy stems from being the youngest of five boys, babysitting his nephews and his cat. He has appeared at the Vancouver Comedy Festival and can be heard on Satellite radio. Whether it's a Bar gig, a Comedy Club or a Corporate function David makes the laugh until they can laugh no more. (Well maybe a little more.) David has toured Canada and the USA - and is now based in London. He has acted in commercials and TV shows and has also has found time to Write and Direct his own independent films.


"Very confident, knows his material totally and had the crowd roaring. Good face and voice for comedy, great timing". The Stand

"David had the perfect energy to start the evening. Amiable, laid back and funny" Funnyside Comedy Club

"David Tsonos was outstanding, he dealt so well with the audience and really engaged them." Barrel Of Laughs Comedy Club

"I just wanted to thank you for the great entertainment on Saturday night. David was a big success; I had many fine comments from our members about David's performance…"Where did you find this guy?" "Very Funny," Greg THSC."

Derrek Carriveau is an American comedian living in Wroclaw, Poland. Derrek brings the latest edition of his headline show “A Room with a Carriveau” which highlights his wit, wordplay, and wrong-doings in all their splendid glory on topics such as raising bilingual children, hotel amenities, and style. Armed with a whiskey-warm voice, martini-dry charm, and an over-reliance on alcohol metaphors, he aims his boozy humor at everyday life for something acerbic and honest.

Katie Anderson: Not only is Katie an extremely funny stand-up comedian, but she is also very skilled at writing short autobiographies that sounds like biographies. She would never admit it herself, but she is definitely one of the most beautiful and wittiest comics to hit the stage in decades. After winning her 8th grade class’s “best sense of humor” award and receiving the honor of opening a fortune cookie that read “others enjoy your sense of humor,” she realized that stand-up comedy was her true destiny.

Martin Filippi, a Czech stand-up comedian based in Prague. Currently living in Letná neighborhood surrounded by hipsters and mothers. Martin is neither of these. Unlike a true hipster and/or mother, he has no hair, no dog and no children. But he has jokes.

Duplex, Prague, Czech Republic
Václavské náměstí 21









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