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Dylan Bernstein in Prague - ashtanga kpjayi authorised teacher


Dylan Bernstein is a long time ashtanga practitioner and an experienced teacher. He is authorised to teach the ashtanga method by the KPJAY Institute and he will be teaching at SHALA Prague for one week in March 2018 the morning mysore program and a series of weekend workshops.
Many of you might know him from Bali, Hong Kong or other places in Asia where he was based for many years. Originally from the US, he teaches internationally and spreads the knowledge of ashtanga yoga.

19 - 25 March 2018 (Monday - Sunday)

Week of Mysore practice:
Dylan will be teaching the regular morning mysore program at the Shala. His many years of daily ashtanga practice and teaching can help you with your own practice. Dylan practices full third series.

The SHALA Prague accommodates max. 17-20 students in the practice room, therefore places for workshops will be limited. The intimate setting of a smaller group of students will give space to a deeper focus in both mysore and workshop settings.

Monday 19 - Saturday 24/3
Mon, Wed, Fri 6:30-9:00,
Tue, Thu 6:30-10:00,
Sat Led Primary 8:00-9:30

a) regular SHALA Prague students:
- no extra charge with SHALA membership: Unlimited, 3x week, 2x week (see Prices)

b) all other 2.400 Kč for one week Mon-Sat
You will automatically get a one month Unlimited membership at the SHALA which will start with your first visit. One month is 28 days observant of Moon Days and Sunday as a day off.

c) drop-in 400 Kč (one class)


Resolution: Completing Primary
Dylan feels this material is drastically under-taught. Although both Introductions to Primary or Intro to Second Series workshops are quite commonly offered, the end of the Primary Series presents interesting challenges and insights. By looking deep into the material, Dylan hopes to inspire new interpretations, techniques and perhaps even meaning. This session will incorporate subtleties of specific vinyasa, bandha integration and aspects of Ashtanga pranayama. We will focus from Marciyasana D to SetuBandhasana. This workshop is recommended for Ashtanga practitioners of all levels.

Dates: Friday 23/3, 17:30 - 20:00

Internal Stillness: Exploring Handbalance, transitions and sitting practices.
Applying the ancient philosophies of yoga sadhana should help to build all of our practices. Dylan explores what many of the great yoga philosophies have in common and how we can apply those teachings, both in sitting meditations as well as in challenging transitions and the alluring art of balancing upon one's hands. This workshop will combine philosophy with physical practice and is open to any and all.

Dates: Saturday 24/3, 11:00 - 13:30

Backbending into Second Series
This workshop will offer techniques for approaching safe, deep and informed backbends. The first phase of Intermediate Series, Nadi Shodana, takes us through a series of worthwhile backbends that lengthen, strengthen and extend the spine. Dylan will offer some anatomical perspectives and applications. Individuals will be free to explore techniques at their own comfort level. Even if dropbacks or the deepest backbends aren't available to you at this moment, the information and practices presented here should help your backbend develop into the future.
Transitions & Hand-balance

Dates: Sunday 25/3, 10:00 - 12:30

Price: 1.300 Kč each workshop with payment before 15/2, after that 1.500 Kč

Where: Shala Prague, Trojanova 18, Praha 2

Places are limited. We advise to book your place as soon as possible.

Please register through Rezervace/Bookings. Your place will be confirmed after receiving your payment by bank transfer to 319015001/5500. Please email us for international bank transfer details.
All payments are final. No cancelations or refunds available.

SHALA Prague
SHALA, Trojanova 18









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