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The Truth Series: Accomplishments


Every woman has a story which serves as their source of inspiration and pride or just the ability to get up in the morning! We want to hear these stories. THE TRUTH SERIES is a creative platform on which women can share stories about their lives and empower each other along the way.

Our community is one of inclusion: self-identified women and gender non-conforming people are welcome to participate. Men are welcome to attend. This will be a space of mutual respect with open hearts and minds.

This evening's contributors:
Alyssa Dillard (host)
Jess Koontz
Naomi Fogg
Nozomi Sekine
Orkida Braculla
Stephanie Brush
Subarna Gupta

<< DATE CHANGE! Thursday, 29 March – Czech Inn – Francouzska 76 – Doors at 6:30, Event at 7 – 50kc at the door – bar available >>

Czech Inn Hostel
Francouzska 76









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