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The Sound of Being, Kundalini Yoga Workshop


A workshop that will explore the physical self as a musical instrument that aims to bring about the understanding that silence, or 'shuniya', is the natural 'Sound of Being'. This silence connects one directly to your Spiritual Path that is ultimately a 'pathless path'. It is through this silence and the 'Intuitional Self' that we are guided along the way. Using the techniques of Kundalini Yoga, we will delve deep into this shuniya and assist in the realisation that our natural state IS this silence. From this discovery of the 'Self' or 'Sat Nam', all we have to then recognise are the things that we are not. Come and stretch, breath, chant and be beautifully challenged to surrender into the heart and discover your own silence.

Special price of 1500kc til 31.1.18
Standard price 1800kc

BenJahmin has been practicing the technology of Kundalini Yoga for over 11 years and is a Teacher Trainer with the I-SKY (International School of Kundalini Yoga). He is a qualified Kundalini Yoga Therapist under the guidance of Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa, a Shakti Dance Teacher with Sara Avtar Olivier and keen Martial Artist. With his love of the Shabd Guru, music and singing, he brings a devotional and poignant energy to the sharing of the Sacred Science that is Kundalini Yoga. His intuitive, compassionate and courageous approach to life aims to give the student, patient or listener an empowering, nurturing and inspirational healing experience of their True Nature.

Mlýnská, 160 00 Praha, Česká Republika









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