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Windbreaker1 from Chicago is the solo project of Nick Read from Lazer Crystal those immaculate automaton of arpeggiated bliss.
"The feeling of alienness is almost unbearable. We know acid, but not this brittle. We know the death-head rattle of Factory Floor, but not without the dystopia. We know EBM, but not de-sexed. We know Warp's techno, but not without the ravey trippiness.It's almost as if Nick Read had adopted the role of a Mayan priest, and extracted the heart of Acid, EBM, AI-IDM and EBM one by one, and then hurled their carcasses into a cenote, from which eventually emerges a beast with the poise of a Hidetaka Miyazaki nightmare."
Windbreaker has recently released on No trend records (Chicago) and Kikimoratapes (Toronto).
pistole is a one man arpeggiator driven techno thing with livedrums and a bunch of keyboards from Hamburg/Germany. Jan Beyer from the german elektropunkband Testsieger is half man half machine. Banging on them drums and keys live and with all extremities and will surely make you dance.
Hyaen (from Wrong) dj set
more info www.menumusic.cz

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