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K-Pop & K-Hiphop Party x MiSO 미소 x Young Bros in Prague


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Tickets are available now on https://www.tickettailor.com/events/youngbros/141947


'MiSO(미소)' will have a live stage during our party!! We are really excited to invite our special guest 'MiSO(미소)' who is known for her solo songs 'KKPP(낄끼빠빠)' and 'Pink Lady' and a member of a girl group 'Girls Girls(여자 여자)'. Now she will show her powerful performance and various charms on the stage here.

Young Bros is a party crew from South Korea. We are dedicated to throwing the best and biggest K-Pop & K-Hiphop Party throughout Europe! Having thrown a party with a 1000+ people in our last London event and 600+ in multiple cities and we now bring you our next night in Prague!

at our new party venue Kraftwerk Bar is located right in the center of Prague and has 2 dance floor with 2 different DJ sets, We can host up to 500+@ people to the party, so we'd really like to encourage all the fans in Prague/Czech Republic to join this event!

Young Bros' DJ GeunYoung & YoungHoon & David will heat up the dance floor remixing the hottest K-pop & K-hiphop & K-edm tracks through all night till 5 am!

Be ready for a crazy night of dancing and clubbing to ONLY KPOP & KHIPHOP, bringing some of the greatests tunes from all your favourite artists!

We will make an extremely fun exciting party!

More informations will be updated so please join the event and follow Young Bros page for any updates! :)


[about Special Guest]

MiSO 미소 (of Girls Girls)

Born: February 04, 1995
Genre: K-Pop, Rap, Hip Hop

KKPP 낄끼빠빠 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT05GiMlY4g

Pink Lady : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5RRgsrVT6Y

Gashina 가시나(Cover) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13R0NTXPUHI

Girls Girls - Deal : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIQWNl3DyJg


♥ From Miso :

Hello I'm Miso~♥ I'll come to you guys soon, I'm already excited and full of joy! I'll prepare a great stage to be a great gift for you all who loves k-pop music, I hope you guys wait for me with joy too! Fighting until we'll meet! See you soon~ Thank you!!!!

안녕하세요 저는 미소입니다~♥ 곧 여러분들을 찾아뵙게 될텐데요. 벌써부터 기대가되고 설레는 마음이 가득합니다. 그만큼 K-Pop을 사랑해주시는 여러분들께 큰 선물이 될수있도록 멋진 무대를 위해 열심히 준비할테니 여러분들께서도 기쁜마음으로 저 미소를 응원해주시며 기다려주시기 바랍니다~ 우리 함께만나는날까지 화이팅! 곧 만나요^^ 감사합니다!!




DJs :

DJ YoungHoon

DJ GeunYoung


Photographer will capture all your moments throughout the night!


When : 10 PM - 5 AM Friday, 9th February 2018
Where : Kraftwerk Bar, Prague, Czech Republic

Tickets are available now on https://www.tickettailor.com/events/youngbros/141947

[General Tickets]

*Pre-Sale Ticket : 250 Kč

on the door : 300 Kč

[Tickets for Meet& Greet with MiSO]

VIP meeting will start by 9:30 PM

*VIP Ticket : 800 Kč

Price will be updated later!

> Early Entrance to the venue for Meet & Greet

> Special Pre-stage for the fans

> High Touch with MiSO

> High quality Photo with MiSO

> Polaroid photo with MiSO

> Get a signature

> Meet & Greet time with MiSO

Please invite your friends & share the event! Thanks a lot!!! :)

Kraftwerk Bar
Uhelný trh 423/2









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