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Beyond Psychedelics 2018


Beyond Psychedelics is a global multidisciplinary forum on psychedelics held in the Czech Republic, country with a longstanding history of psychedelic research.

Beyond Psychedelics 2018:
Current Challenges and Future Prospects

Global Psychedelic Forum
21-24 June, 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

Speakers: Rick Doblin ✧ William Richards ✧ Ede Frecska, Torsten Passie ✧ Martin A. Lee ✧ Juraj Styk and Sonja Styk ✧ Friederike Meckel Fischer ✧ Petra Bokor ✧ Danny Nemu ✧ Peter Sjostedt-H ✧ and many more!


The aim of the conference is to create a platform for a global cooperation of people with a professional and other interest in psychedelics and alternative states of consciousness. The event will encourage outside-the-box discussions on approaches to psychedelics and on the equivocal position these substances hold in modern societies. We aim to facilitate the exchange of both, scientific knowledge and experience at a global level, and incorporate cross-cultural perspectives to elaborate guidelines for safe use and harm reduction for the work with alternative states of consciousness, psychedelics and technologies, in order to improve the methodologies and treatment protocols.



* Support a bias free environment and funding for the research on the risks and potentials of psychedelics and altered states of consciousness.
* Synthesize the knowledge and experience of wide variety of scientists and practitioners, including those indigenous and psychonauts.
* Support collaboration between the current state-of-art of psychedelics and newest technological developments.
* Discuss possible models of beneficial use of psychedelics in Western societies.
* Support integration of psychedelics into the modern society
* Develop guidelines for the safe use and harm reduction in various settings.
* Enable users of psychedelics and patients to participate in creating the policy and therapeutic models.
* Create a platform for global cooperation.


Come and join us in Prague!

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