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American Academy in Prague

We are the American Academy in Prague, an international campus of the Lyndon Institute of Vermont, USA. We prepare our students for success and happiness in life

Prague Training Academy

We are Prague Training Academy, the first personal and professional development training provider in English language in Prague. We deliver Leadership, Sales and Open Academy programmes for corporate clients, companies and individuals who want to reveal...

University of New York in Prague

American and European Bachelor's, Master's, MBA and Ph. D degree programs taught in the English language

University of Economics, Prague (Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze - VŠE)

University of Economics, Prague offers Bachelor's, Master's, Ph. D. and MBA programs taught in English, Russian, and French

International Business Program - VSE Prague

The University of Economics, Prague – Cee’s top ranked business university

Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics, Prague

The Faculty of Informatics and Statistics (one of the VŠE faculties) offers Master´s and Ph. D. programmes in Applied Informatics, Quantitative Methods and Statistics

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Creobiz Profi T/A Ourcollege. com is a British accredited company-based college offering a unique environment & coaching style in order to maximize your talent, skills, value

Ligs University

Ligs University is a modern university combining effective methods and approaches of the American and European education in Interactive Online Bba, MBA, Msc, Dba and Phd programs

Prague Business College

Prague Business College offers fully recognised British qualifications

College of Business Studies in Prague

College of Business Studies in Prague ( Všo, o. p. s. ), is a non-university higher education institution with the accredited studies program "International territorial studies" and offers to students a course in presentational 3,5 years long bachelor...

Private College of Economic Studies

The first Private Five-year Academy of Commerce (Fpfyac) - the predecessor of Svses - was established in 1990. If offered a secondary-level study programme and higher specialized training in the field of business economics and administration The amendment...

English - German Commercial Academy

English - German Commercial Academy was established in 1991. The academy quickly developed a reputation for its outstanding examination results. Study opportunities are available in subject areas including business, management, computing, accounting,...

College of Management & Business Administration

College of  Information Management and Business Administration Inc. is one of the newly established private higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. The College was fully accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the...

Czech Association of MBA Schools

January 1998 saw the first meeting of the "Association of the Czech MBA Schools" (Cambas). The founding members of this non-profit making association are: the University of Economics, Prague (Uep), represented by the Prague International Business School...

English Teacher Prague

What is the purpose of homework?  Many students believe it’s so that I can torture them.   They think I don’t like them.   Well, that may be true, but there’s another reason.   Without review, within 24 hours we forget about 82% of what we’ve...

Podnikatelska Akademie

Podnikatelska akademie, founded in 1992, provides full-time business education to young people with the post-comprehensive level (15+). The college has currently 400 students and staff today consists of over 30 full-time teachers and administrators. The...

Us Business School Praha (Usbsp)

Us Business School Praha (Usbsp) has been one of the top providers of executive education in the region since 1991.  

Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies

Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies is one of the oldest schools offering post-graduate management programme MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Czech Republic. The programme is offered in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University (Shu). The...

Sting Academy

Sting Academy is a private business college. It received a state approval to operate as a higher education institution by the Resolution of Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education on 7th December 2000. The Academy is allowed to offer...