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Private clinic - Dr. Ivana Grohová, M.D. & Partners

- Small family private clinic in the centre of Prague - Medical care with personal and individual approach to each patient - Czech Insurance accepted

Clinical Massage Therapist - Tereza Kramulova

Tereza Kramulova obtained Diploma in Massage Therapy (RMT program) and offers therapeutic massage in Prague - myofascial approach, joint mobilizations, muscle energy techniques etc

My work is based on traditional and alternative therapists' think thank of health & spiritual approaches. My techniques are often supported by prime essential oils and ayurveda

Willi Rös

Willi Roes is an experienced therapist offering consultations in English, Français + Deutsch to individuals, couples and children, Body-work. Focusing. Supervision for therapists

CBT Prague

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based highly effective treatment for many mental disorders

International School of Healing Arts

Isoha is about health, healing and the evolution of consciousness. We are an interfaith spiritually based 501c3 non- profit public benefit organization in California, USA and Czech

Premium Listings

Personal Trainer - Thomas Vejrážka

Personal training, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Physical Therapy, Indoor climbing instructor - available in native fluent English and Czech

Karma Yoga

Beautiful yoga shala in the heart of Vinohrady. English classes are offered, Yin yoga, Vinyasa yoga, haha yoga. You are welcome to join Czech classes as well


Our offer - Annual coaching programmes, residential coaching programmes, continuous coaching programmes, individual coaching programmes

Robert Byrne Psychotherapy and Counselling Prague

The key benefits of counselling and psychotherapy include greater self-understanding and acceptance so that, even if our lives have been difficult to-date or that we’ve made mistak

Dharma Consulting S.r.o.

Shamanic and wellness retreats in Prague, Chech Republic and international retreats

Jemné Zrození s.r.o.

Complete antenatal birth preparation classes with Hypnobirthing for couples and individuals

Sarka Provaznikova the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a unique form of health education, which teaches us to become aware of posture and movement problems that interfere with our everyday life. The Alexander Technique can help with: Managing back, neck and shoulder problems...

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Australian trained acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   Acupuncture/ Traditional Chinese Medicine can be successfully used for many conditions, such as chronic tiredness, stress management, back pain, sciatica, headaches,...

Acupuncture IN Prague 2

Acupuncture & Chinese Massage

The Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Czechoslovakian Sinobiology Society the Czechoslovakian Sinobiological Society has established a consultation center for practitioners and patients of Traditional Chinese Medicine working since 1996. The library of the society, three rooms for medical...

Hypnotherapy Thinkwell-livewell

Hypnotherapy, Nlp and Coaching services in Prague, from simple relaxation to overcoming life problems and realising your full potential

Prague Reiki

Reiki is Universal Energy and I am a Reiki Master with the highest credentials offering my services to the English and German speaking community of Prague.   Please visit my website for more details.   With Reiki Love  Blanka

Naturopathic Solutions - Katerina Boesenberg

Naturopathy nutrition diet Plans detox Plans consultation feeling tired and stressed? A little run down or just not feeling yourself? Do you want to look and feel better? Need to detox or lose weight? With over 6 year experience, Katerina...

Inspirita - Acupuncture clinic

We restore your good health and inner peace. By means of Acupuncture and Chinese energetic massages (Tuina), we can relieve the burden of everyday stress and help to you

Meditation Center Samadhi

The Samadhi Meditation Center is a peaceful sanctuary and harmonious spiritual retreat where one can share the truth of spirit with other like minded spiritual seekers.   The splendid settings of Samadhi nourish the soul and allow one to be in touch with...

Holistic Healing - Healing Hands

Discover the Power of Brennan Healing Science®

MUDr. Guo Li - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mudr. Guo Li graduated from university of Beijing (Peking) and she has medical practice more than 20 years and she treats a lot of patients by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (T. C. M. has over 3000years' tradition and it is famous worldwide. ) European...

Ing. Vera Slavikova - Mentis

Life tends to take many surprising turns, although at a closer look we may admit we originated those ourselves.   At a time I was preoccupied with my own health problems, which changed my worldview completely, I slowly started to learn about myself...

Jana Adamovská - Homeopathy & Autopathy

Homeopathy is a holistic, gentle method that can help to heal various physical, mental as well as emotional states, both acute and chronic

Martina Koutová

Are you happy? Do you have the life of your dreams? There isn't an easiest way how to change it than make the right decision and start to work on your dream life. Everyone can have it, there are no exceptions. Let me help you by analysing your current...

Meditation Group

Meditation sessions in Prague centre

Acupuncture in Prague

I am a fully qualified and experienced practitioner with high professional standards. My aim is to provide you with safe and effective health care in an empathetic, caring environment with ethical solutions and commitment to quality. I practice from...

Caitlin Donovan

Offering acupuncture treatments and chinese herbal consults in English. Specializing in pain, sports injuries and women's health

Primal Health

The diseases of modernity (obesity, diabetes, depression, chronic fatigue etc) are usually caused by poor long term lifestyle choices.  The good news is that if you take responsibility for own health with a holistic approach you can reverse many of the...

Jana Koubová

Alternative medicine therapist, Master of Reiki -Reiki, Arolo, Deeksha, One - Brain Three in One Concepts, Tarot. Stress relief, deep harmonizing, solutions to your health and mind problems . speaking Czech and English

Jana Marie

I can help with many health problem. Energy and Spiritual healing


Thetahealing®, Eft (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting Coaching Sessions in English, German and Czech Language

Nonie Valentine, M.ed, L.m.h.c

Sensitive, insightful therapeutic consulting and coaching for the Prague international community for over 17 years

Pharmatrade Ag

Ae-07® is a unique herbal product which protects from side effects of alcohol via prompt elimination of acetaldehyde.   This toxic by-product originates on metabolism of alcohol. Through its activity, Ae-07® ensures protection of the liver and...

Transpersonal psychotherapy & therapeutic counseling in Prague

Personal development, crisis management, emotional education, relationships, spiritual growth, healing experiences, conscious breathwork, visualizations


California-trained (USA) Acupuncturist in Prague. I use modern diagnostic equipment and traditional acupuncture and manual techniques for holistic wellness. Acupuncture & acupressure restore the natural flow of energy, or Qi through the body....

Ayurmedic Ceylon, s.r.o.

Ayurveda is the oldest science known to man for health, healing, prevention and longevity. The name ´Ayurveda´ comprises of two Sanskrit words - that is, ´Ayur´ - ´life´, and ´Veda´- science, so ´the Science About Life´. Ayurveda is seen as the ´mother of...

Gentle Spirit

Reiki is a Japanese method of stress-release and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is based on the theory of energy flowing everywhere in and around us. Sometimes this energy is blocked because of stress, illness, or emotional upset....

Rndr. Katerina Drewsova

The Reconnection - Experience healing beyond anything you've read about, thought about, dreamed about

Tao-medicine massage clinic

I'm a certified massage therapist practising Tuina (chinese acupressure), Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral therapy and Thai massage. Have a look at my site; tao-medicine. cz

Herba Magica - Phdr. Patricia Anzari

Phdr. Patricia Anzari, Csc. is a very popular Czech psychoterapist, having been in private practise since 1990. She is a prominent Czech representative of Transpersonal psychology, a founder of the Transpersonal Society and training in the holotrophic...

Shiatsu Centrum U Cervene Zidle - At The Red Chair

Shiatsu - A profound and highly effective holistic therapy for Body-mind-spirit, combining stretching and finger-pressure. For general well-being, specific conditions, stress-related difficulties, adapting to seasonal changes, addiction and for comfortable...

Andrea Hanzlova, Bc.

Private practise - psychotherapist, art therapist, body terapist, teacher of self-knowledge workshops

Homeopathy - Jakub Cervenka

Professional homeopathy treatment and counsel

Reja spol. s r. o.

Services for Your Hearing

Contemplation In Action

Human personality consists of the physical body and of emotions and thoughts. If these three parts are in harmony, we are not subject to stress, illnesses and we are not dealing with any serious problems. I can help you achieve harmony by energizing all...


Are doctors unable to help you with your chronic, long-term problems because medical tests show that there is nothing wrong with you?  Then you've found the right place.   We present a globally unique method by Josef Jonas who has for decades been involved...

Heel Medical Products

The company name Heel is derived from the first letter of the Latin expression (Herba est ex luca) when translated means - "the healing plant extracts its power from the sunlight. "   Heel has now become the world's largest manufacturer of Homeopathic...

Petr Lisý

I offer astrological counselling - chart reading focused on self-knowledge and self-acceptance. My counselling work is mainly based on Psychological and Archetypal Astrology

Mgr. Jana Trojanová

Kinesiology One Brain in English, German and French

MUDr. Ondřej Toman

Chiropractor also specializing in acupuncture, trained in California and China.   Practices in Prague Tues and Wed at a squash center in Prague 9

Sindy Katayama

As a certified Eft practitioner, i see clients with different kinds of emotional and psychological issues such as depression, phobias, anxiety, relationship issues, weight loss, stress, pain management, cancer, allergies, business and career goals etc. I...

Phdr. Jan Jílek

Bionergy Healing, Stress Management, & Executive/Personal Coaching

Consulting Room of Oriental Medicine

The therapeutic and diagnostic consulting room of oriental medicine provides diagnostics and highly effective medical treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and peripheral nerves diseases as folows: pain of different origin in jugular, pecrotal, lumbal...