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ABOUT US - We understand, that applying for your Visa can be a stressful experience, particularly as you have no direct control over the outcome.

WHY CHOOSE US? - Visas are a necessary requirement in order to live, work or study within the Czech Republic, if you are a non EU citizen (3rd party national).

OUR PROMISE - Operating a transparent & affordable service ensures client satisfaction. For this reason, we are considered the #1 provider in the Czech Republic.

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Thank you Veronika

posted by Isabelle Grenville
21:09:12 18/03/2017

I'm so pleased we connected with Veronika. She answered all my emails with detail and clear points. She is a really kind person who obviously cares about her job and clients. are great!

posted by Edith Ionesco
11:11:00 13/02/2017

I got relocated in Prague end of last year, and had no idea how to deal with all the formalities, and practical questions – what kind of visa can I get or apply for ? I was somewhat afraid that the service would be expensive and complicated but they were really affordable. I found Visa based upon the reviews on this site and they just dealt with the visa side of things.

Excellent Service!

posted by Alana Law
22:10:51 02/02/2017

I started communicating with Veronika 3 months before the application process began. Veronika was always available to help me when needed. During the application process, Veronika was very professional and also really friendly. The most likeable quality is her friendliness and knowledge of the Visa process. Highly recommended!!!

Quick Service

posted by Gayatri Gupta
19:07:05 09/01/2017

I needed to move to Prague to complete my masters degree and I had a really hard time applying for my student visa. A friend recommended Veronika and the next day I got a call from her and she was extremely helpful. She helped me get a visa appointment way earlier than I expected. She also made sure I had all the documents I needed with me. I wish I had contacted her before I came to Prague.

Veronika really saved me.

posted by Hope Farnham
15:03:22 11/09/2016

I cannot thank Veronika and her colleague enough for all the help they gave me. After moving here and staying longer after meeting my Czech boyfriend, I was confused and really stressed out. I really wasn’t sure if I would get my Visa and worried I would have to leave. Veronika took hold of the situation and took me through the process step to step, so that I could finally stop stressing out (I was getting into a right state!) Everything went smoothly with my Visa process. Thank you Veronika for everything - really. You are and do amazing, professional work!