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PraguExpats is your visa agency with a team of experienced people who are ready to assist you whether you are just arriving or a resident in Prague!

Our services include:

- Registration with the Foreign police
- Trade license
- Initial visas
- Residence permits
- Employee cards
- Notary verified translations
- Accountancy services
- Consultancy services
- Local services

.... and more services upon your request!

Our services are transparent, confidential and we have a succesful track record.

You definitely find a personal approach with our team! Please contact us directly with any request or question ( We offer you an email consultation for free!

More about PraguExpats services and prices you can find on our webpage -

We highly recommend you to schedule an appointment with us! Please understand we are not constantly present at the office. In case you want to come to our office. You can find us at the address: Revoluční 8, Prague 1 (building B, 1st floor).

We help you to make your life in Prague easier!

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Couldn't survive without them!

posted by Gemma CIitheroe
18:06:14 01/10/2017

I've used PraguExpats since i moved here 2 years ago and they have been amazing. When I got here I really tried to do everything myself and it was an absolute disaster. I was spending so much time going to various town halls and offices etc and acheiving nothing. PraguExpats just took my details and sorted everything out for me. They have made my life so much easier! I would highly recommend them before trying to navigate the Czech bureaucracy by yourself!

Highly Recommended !

posted by Giuseppe Grasso
19:07:38 14/07/2017

We contacted Praguexpats because we had to apply for a Residence Permit in Czech Republic. Petra, Hany and Martina have all been very helpful, kind, and also very patient considering the amount of emails and questions I asked. They made the process very easy and smooth, providing us all the information we needed, arranging the necessary appointmens, and accompanying us at the Foreign Police and Immigration Office. Invaluable help especially if you're note familiar with the local bureaucracy. I do highly recommend them !

Excellent Service!

posted by Mariel Tavakoli
13:01:35 10/03/2017

Petra and Martina made the process so smooth especially when communicating with me overseas and on a super tight timeline. They were always available, helpful, and responsive to every question. Thank you for everything!

Petra and Hany to the rescue

posted by Larry Marxsen
15:03:28 18/10/2016

After my wife and I visited the foreign police, and visited two different Ministry of Interior office buildings, and getting absolutely nowhere, we were ready to pull what little hair I have left out. Hany and Petra to the rescue! Petra outlined what we needed (an Apostille) and what we had to do to stay beyond the 90 days. Hany made the appointment for my wife, and accompanied us to the proper agency and got my wife's citizenship reinstated in two weeks. Then Hany and Petra told me where to go and what to do to submit an application for me to permanently reside in the Czech Republic. Mission accomplished. Petra and Hany's help was invaluable. The real value is in their knowledge of how to smoothly surf through the bureaucracy. We both heartily recommend them to anyone. Thank-you both Hany and Petra. Larry and Vera Marxsen

Hany is amazing!

posted by Patrick Dunn
10:10:28 07/09/2016

----I sent this e-mail to the company but also thought it should be shared here.---- I just wanted to let you know how grateful and how appreciative I am for your company and all of your services provided so far. I don’t know if it is the same as in the US but when somebody does a good job we really think that person should deserve credit and acknowledgment for it. Hany has been amazing since day one. She has gone above and beyond to make this process go unbelievably flawless and even when I missed a couple dates she was on top of everything and helped me more than I could have imagined. I honestly would probably be on a plane on my way back to the US if it wasn’t for her because I have been so lost and confused with most things since I have been here but she really is great at her job and I feel like she is an extremely valuable assets to your company, clients, and also the Czech Republic as a whole because she really cares about the clients and represents the country very well! I am more than pleased with the services that have been provided and anybody that I meet looking for Visa assistance I am definitely going to be recommending your company!