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We’ve helped hundreds of clients from all over the world successfully apply for residence and work permission in the Czech Republic. As Americans and Czechs, we have both been through the process ourselves, as well as helped others through it - and we know it inside out! We’ve served clients of various nationalities, ages, family types, and backgrounds, all seeking different types of work and residence.

But we don’t stop at your visa. We make sure you’re set up with health insurance, and registered at all the required tax offices as well. We also make sure you know your responsibilities and obligations once you get legal, so you can stay that way. And we’re always around to answer questions that may pop up later on in your stay.

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

posted by Vanessa Johnson
12:12:47 28/09/2016

I just want to say Thank You to Jodi for helping me with my visa process! If it wasn't for her, I don't know if I would of kept my sanity. All the documents you need and places that you have to go to obtain the visa can be quite confusing but with her help it was a piece of cake. My visa was approved and I was able to continue living in Prague which made me very very happy!! Thanks again Jodi for all your hard work and knowledge!!!

Outstanding Service

posted by PJ Sawicki
20:08:40 17/09/2015

The visa process can be quite difficult in the Czech Republic and mine happened to be especially so. Darina and Skip really went above and beyond with their service. I can't recommend highly enough! Worth every crown.

Fantastic and Responsive Service

posted by Max.Power
18:06:01 08/06/2015

Everyone says that getting a visa here is a nightmare, but not the case with CZ Visa! They explain everything you need, schedule the appointments for you, and even do the legwork with registering you places when you're not needed in person (eg, zivno office, social tax office). Highly recommended!


posted by tallmanjr
15:03:01 19/03/2015

I came here not knowing anything about the Visa requirements or process; however, CZ Visa made everything possible! Not only did they virtually do all the work for me, but they were amazing with communicating to me. They filled me in on everything that I needed to know and they supplied an easy, yet detailed instruction for every step. Without them, I may have not lasted the Czech Bureaucracy :). Thanks and defiantly suggest their work!!

Awesome Service!

posted by Carolyn Anderson
17:05:40 12/10/2016

Jodi with CZ Visa was very professional and made my visa and trade license process MUCH simpler than if I had tried to do it all alone. I have no regrets with hiring her and her company! She was always very responsive and professional. She helped me just the same as a client living in Prague (I lived in Brno). She even helped me with drafting emails to my landlord, etc. I highly recommend her to anyone needing to apply for a visa, you won't regret it!