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Our studio offers training for both future Yoga teachers & for students desiring to deepen their practice. We also provide continuing education for existing Yoga instructors. We are the only Yoga teacher training program in the Czech Republic that meets with Yoga Alliance's strict standards and guidelines. Graduates of our program may teach worldwide and may apply to Yoga Alliance for their RYT-200 credential.

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Prague Yoga Teacher Training

posted by Anonymous
22:10:13 16/02/2008

Prague Yoga Teacher Training has been one of the best learning experiences I´ve ever had. It is true learning for your body, mind and soul. With every weekend session I felt I was growing. Now, having completed the course, I can look back and see how far I have travelled on this road (less travelled :-) and in fact I realize that this is just a beginning. The training gives you necessary information that will get you ready to explore yoga and all it has to give in great depth. It encourages you to be your true self and to trust your own voice. The teachers follow the message of loving kindness that they spread. It´s been a wonderful experience and I sincerely recommend it to others.

learning experience

posted by Anonymous
21:09:42 25/02/2008

I decided to take this course to further develop my knowledge and teaching skills as I already had been teaching yoga for a year before this course started. I have been following path of yoga for about 6 years and last 3.5 of them of more intensive Iyengar practice, going to workshops with different teachers, learning whenever and whereever I could as there are no good opportunities in the city I live in. I also took a training which was organized by one of the Czech yoga institutions couple of month prior to this teacher training but the quality was poor and I was hugely disappointed by the shallowness. I endured it just to have some sort of certificate that I can show if someone asks about it. We call it "needed evil" in Czech. My motivation to learn more was not satisfied so I decided to take this teacher training and I am glad I did. I applied to the long term course and I recommend you to do the same as there is just too much to conceive it in the short time frame. This would be a great miss, no doubt about that! You will have time to experience the longer-term transformative changes resulting from your own regular yoga practice (asanas, pranayama and meditation). The deep understanding springs from this which applies to you and will also apply to your future students. We had a very interesting group of students who all were very nice people and we became close to each other as the sessions progressed. We made quite a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, interests, age etc. But it was both funny and enlightning to see that we all were struggling with the very same problems only coming to similar or same solutions or changes in our lifes. Monica is a great teacher who taught us a lot. I never saw such a care of individual student needs. She always emphasized safety and individual approach to students, their former or present injuries, we discussed a lots of variations for different contraindications, and this was a great learning opportunity. Other teachers were also very good. The mix of theory and practice was balanced, the recommended books list is worth reading even if you decide not to apply. I liked that the course covered all the current main styles - ashtanga vinyasa, vinyasa flow, Iyengar, yin yoga, pregnancy yoga and probably some other. There was no rivalry between the styles although we students were practicing different styles of course but Monica had led the course in a very supportive, open minded and tolerant way that we learned from each other tremendously, understanding and being aware of the common yoga core behind the differences of the styles. Some people realized they need to know more technical/anatomical/alignment stuff, some people realized they need to reduce their technical/anatomical/aligment orientation in their teaching style and balance it with the loving-kindness and compassion. If you are looking for something that will deepen your understanding of yoga apply for it but don't expect anything in advance - just let it happen and see where it takes you. I like where it took me.

PY training didn´t make me better person but helped me to find the way how to be closer to this aim

posted by Anonymous
10:10:18 11/02/2008

Friday 12:05 o´clock. I´m sitting in room with other 6 - 7 people and listen to calm voice of teacher that gives us information about our Prague Yoga Teacher Training program... That was beginning of my yoga teacher training and I had no idea where this would finish and what it would give me. I was sitting hunched and observed others students. Well, I did long term course which runs during 6 months. It´s 5 weekends and between them there is always a gap of 5 weeks during which we read interesting books about yoga practice, meditation, history of yoga, mind, body... Quiz. I didn´t like this world but once I got home open-book quiz that helped me to resume and order my knowledges and information to right context in yoga and I do enjoy quizes now:) My body is so weak and sore! It´s second weekend and second day of this session - I´m dying. I wasn´t used to use my muscles in intensive way which especially ashtanga yoga provides. (If you don´t know what ashtanga yoga means - don´t worry - I did´t know it before course also! I used to do once a week power yoga in fitness centre and that is broadly different kind of yoga than you can meet in Prague Yoga.) But my crisis abated and I begin be aware about my body and breath. Our lovely teacher Monica required we do asanas(poses) at home and that really made us stronger, more flexible and not feeling so sore after further sessions. We learned about poses, their modifications for different injuries and problems of body, breathing, kinds of meditation, chanting, body processes, organs, muscle´s working, human posture, leading classes of yoga, management of yoga business... Most of us students weren´t sure about our future as yoga instructors and if we really want to do it. But as we went trought course further and further we all found something interesting about it...It´s exciting to have chance to spead something nice to the world. I won in lottery, got sponsorship to travell around the world and married to the nice handsome muscular man. Ehm, this wasn´t what I got from yoga exactly... However before course I would consider this for happiness, now I don´t feel it in this way. The time I spent there in kind society of my training-mates and amazing teacher and time on my mat that followed these sessions helped me to be in present, don´t dream about far future or dig in my past - JUST BE HERE NOW and ENJOY it. I stand/sit with straigh spine now and can easier focus on what I´m doing in the moment. It´s not huge change for world and I didn´t invent some medicine that could save thousand of life but I live more peacefully, feel much more self-confident, and enjoy really listen to people who I meet with. And I feel the difference between behavion of people with me before and now. I have some impression as I would attract people to me and they behave much more kindly now. If you are hesitating about course and have even teeny tiny piece of interest - believe me, there is no reason for hesitating. Just feel free to look at prague yoga website and/or visit the center (you will see yourself that in the centre/course there is no manager some person but just kindness)...