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Vyšehrad Monsters is the 1st English Outdoor Preschool. It is located in Prague 4, close to the park of Vysehrad. The preschool accepts children from 18 month to 6 years

In many respects, the preschool follows the idea of forest kindergartens. Children spend most of the day outdoors, in parks or on trips. They learn in the open how to become environment-friendly. But they do not avoid city life either. Children are taught how to walk around in the streets of a big city, they use public transportation, they visit technical sights. The all-day programme is taught in English in the presence of a native speaker. Vyšehrad Monsters is not a babysitting service, it's a community of people who share the same goal. Therefore, the concept is of low capacity and individual approach is guaranteed, as well as discussion with parents. The concept is described in detail on the website.

Besides the preschool class for children from 3 to 6 years, there is also a day care class of Baby Monsters for children from 18 month.

Throughout the summer, the preschool offers day camps suitable for children from 3 to 10 years. Every week there is a different theme.

Programme, schedule, price list, documents and contacts available at www.vysehradmonsters.cz.

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Excellent Experience with Barbora !

posted by Dan Buruiana
14:02:09 13/09/2016

My girl was in Bara's Monkeys Class in Domecek ! Bara is an excellent teacher, and the kids love her very much ! All the camps organised by her were great and the kids came back with loads of experiences and very confident on their strengths ! Thanks Bara for being an amazing friend for Daria !

Cool idea of a City Outdoor School!!

posted by Tereza Hort
22:10:58 25/08/2016

I was so excited when I found out this pre-school is ‎opening on Pankrac as there's no better location for us. We knew the teachers' team from their previous location and my kids just love them, I think the professional teachers team is the biggest asset of this school. What I like about their program is the educational part, it's not just playing whole day, but my kids are coming back every day excited what they have learned. Also the fact kids spend so much time outside is great, I never thought about an outdoor school, but now I love the idea! I've even noticed the immune system of my darlings improved and they are hardly suffer with cold or flu. I recommend to all parents ‎just to stop by and see the facilities and meet the teachers, it really is 'the right people doing the right job at right place'...Love it!

Excellent and experienced staff

posted by Kyle Haney
09:09:30 05/07/2016

I have known the instructor of this school, Barbora, for over 3 years. She is an excellent instructor with more than a decade of experience with kids. Barbora promotes a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for the kids while maintaining a high level of instruction that provides kids with the tools they need in their educational future as well as basic life skills. In addition, her communication with parents is excellent in both Czech and English and she is able to accommodate the needs and requests of parents and children on an individual basis. As someone who has seen how fondly the children remember her well after their time at preschool, I would not hesitate to send my own children to her school.