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Salomon Preschool, the English-Czech education center for preschool children, was established in September 2003.
We believe that the period from birth to the start of school determines the quality of a child's future life. Our goal is not only to prepare children for elementary school, but mainly to teach them correct attitudes and values that will help and guide them through their adult lives. We are convinced that it is the preschool period that is so important for acquiring habits that will have an effect on the success of future studies, professions, relationships and attitudes to life as such. Children learn not only to communicate in a bilingual environment, but also to be tolerant of differences. We believe that they naturally learn to overcome language and cultural barriers by playing together.

Our opening hours for both locations is from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
We accept children ages 3 – 7 years.

We have easy to reach location - facility of Salomon Preschool is near Wenceslas Square situated in a historic building in the Francis garden (Františkánská zahrada), Prague 1

It is important to us to offer a high quality bilingual education and sensitive childcare in a safe, fun and loving environment.
Our program is in both English by native teachers from the USA and native Czech teachers who are fluent in English.

Children are divided into groups according to their age. A maximum of 8 children per teacher. We have a daily Preschool Program that prepares your child for the 1st grade.
We are a multicultural International community.

Salomon Preschool offers individual approach to children and a close cooperation with parents.

Within attendance we provide opportunities such as Speech Therapy, Theater, field trips, cooking and use the "Good Start Method" - development of senses through games, exercises and worksheer from the Dys Center Prague and PPPP, recorder lessons, development of critical thinking etc.

We offer afternoon clubs such as: English, Art, Dance, Music, Figurka School (methodology for development of child intellect) etc.

Summer and winter activities (a week in the mountains, several short - term stays in the country.
Babysitting out of opening hours.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Salomon Family.

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Salomon School - a GREAT place for my daughter

posted by David P. Depman
14:02:53 20/01/2016

We have been involved with Salomon school for the better part of 2 years and we are active and involved with the school as much as possible. From our initial visit through to today, we have had a wonderful experience. As with any child, there are good days and some bad. There are days when the parents (us) are not at their best. However, Salomon has never failed to be a stable and solid part of our lives. My daughter absolutely loves to go to school. She has made deep friendships and in turn we have met the parents of her friends to create an even bigger web of connected friends and family. We are happy with the level of attention that our daughter receives, the level of love that the teachers show to the kids, the reasonable and positive discipline, the enthusiasm that the entire staff shows towards their job. I could go on and on, but the true value is that our daughter has grown up with Salomon school as a big part of her life, and she has grown into a sweet, curious, fun, and engaging person. I would recommend Salomon school to any parent. On a related note: I assume that many of the parents here are English speaking, and in this case, I double recommend Salomon. I am a native English speaker, my wife Russian. Because of Solomon school, our daughter's enjoyment of speaking Czech has grown and she is getting really good at it. The bilingual environment is very conducive to learning both English and Czech (We speak English and Russian in the home for the most part, so those are her 'native' languages... but we are thrilled that she is learning Czech as a native, from the teachers, her Czech classes and her playmates.) Thanks Solomon, we're gonna miss you!

Lovely time with the Salomon School

posted by Veronika Tuckerova
17:05:23 28/02/2017

My daughter was attending the Salomon School for three summers. We had a wonderful experience, both in Tyrsuv dum and Frantiskanska zahrada. We appreciated the flexibility, the wonderful activities the children engaged in, the outings, the warm and welcoming environment. Thank you!

Warm, wonderful school

posted by Karin.Kempf
21:09:15 05/01/2016

I moved to Prague wanting my children to have a local preschool experience, though I am not opposed to private schools. However, the local schools were full (we came at the wrong time of year to register), so I started looking at private schools. The cost of most schools were prohibitively high, especially for 2 children, but one stood out as having an interesting program, and the rates were reasonable - Salomon Family. I am so glad that we found this school, as it has fulfilled all of my expectations. Though it is Czech run, they have a native speaker on staff, so the children are exposed to both Czech and English daily. They really are a 'family' school in that the approach to the children is warm and personal, and the class numbers are small, which permits the teachers to really take an individual approach to each child. There is an emphasis on the arts, and the children visit children's theaters at least once a month. The program is varied and includes an option of extra afternoon activities at a very reasonable price, if you would like to give your child more exposure to a certain area, for example, English language, art or music, and the group is multi-aged, so children are encouraged to learn from each other, and help those that are younger, which is not only pedagogically effective, but also creates opportunities for learning and growth in areas of social interaction and conscience. Children who will be attending school next year are prepared with skills to make their transition a success. There are outings around the city most Tuesdays for the older children, for example to museums, botanical gardens or Prague landmarks, so the students also have the opportunity to explore Prague. Lastly, the school is centrally located in the Franciscan Garden (Frantiskanska zahrada), with plenty to public transport options nearby. My kids love going here, and I have enjoyed getting to know the teachers and other families at the school. If you are looking for a preschool that offers a warm, individual approach and the benefits of a private school, without the expensive exclusivity, do check out the Salomon Family School!