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Hacienda Mexicana is one of ten or so Mexican restaurants throughout the Czech Republic.

This restaurant seems to have designed itself around a very extreme notion of what "authentic" mexican haciendas must look like. While not a top choice for quiet, romantic dinners, it's a on the other hand a fantastic place for a party. All you need is a cocktail and a look around the festive interior and the party has begun. It's a rather pricy establishment, but the food is good. There is another Hacienda at Bilkova 2, with the same scenario.

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Mostly bad

posted by Stan Plasm
12:12:24 07/06/2010

Yes, the food at Hacienda is mostly terrible Czexican (quesadillas/burritos made with Heinz baked beans in tomato sauce - yechh), and the wait staff is inattentive - you'll have to physically leave your seat to run them down and place an order. BUT Petrske namesti is a nice, quiet area and a pleasure to eat outdoors during the summer (and the other restaurants with outdoor seating nearby - Zlata Ulicka and Zaama Zaama, aren't any better than Hacienda). My suggestion - get a pizza to go from Rugantino around the corner and have a cocktail outside Hacienda, which are usually OK...


posted by buddhabrotha
10:10:42 02/06/2010

this is not mexican food. it is a poor czech imitation. the wait staff is rude and inattentive. best to look elsewhere to satisfy your mex food cravings.

worst food ever

posted by Anonymous
13:01:46 01/07/2007

I'm feeling really sorry for the waiters who have to carry the horrible food the chefs prepares. Looks like the head chef doesn't like them and he must embarassed the waiting staff. I ordered a turkey dish with baked potatoes, asparagus and garlic cream sauce. nothing was done properly . Instead I had sundried turkey (at least 10 hours sundried) but to balance it they served me raw potatoes. The asparagus (green) were unpeeled ,overcooked and black (burnt). The sauce was simply a powder cream soup sauce without garlic (disgusting) . I was so pissed off that I throw my asparagus in the street in front of the waiter but no one cared about it. I guess it is a very common thing at HACIENDA MEXICANA. I highly recommend this place if you want to fight with disgusting food.