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Law can be practiced differently. My way of working is based on good communication with clients, effective and timely legal solutions.

I believe that I can offer completely different approach to provision of legal services, flexibility, beneficial conditions, moreover, my comfortable office premises.

I am freelance advocate based in Prague. I have been working with foreigners and refugees already since 2003, when I had been working for several NGOs in the Czech Republic as well as in the Netherlands. That is actually the reason I focus now within my advocacy practice on the provision of complex legal services to foreigners, as well as Czech persons and companies in English.

I graduated my master studies at the Faculty of Law, Charles University in Prague. I completed a one year study of Human Rights and Criminal Justice at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. I have worked as an Associate at two law firms in Prague. My main focus was on cases with international elements. In 2011- 2012 I worked as an in-house lawyer in a Consultancy/IT Company in the Netherlands.

I speak English at a professional level and I communicate in Dutch, as well as I have a knowledge of German and French (both passive at the moment) which can be advantageous.

I mostly specialize in cases with international element and cases where foreign law or language is concerned.

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Excellent international lawyer

posted by Ally Lloyd
09:09:40 15/08/2017

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna to anyone with legal problems. She dealt with my case via Skype calls and emails very efficiently. Incredible! What she achieved for me I didn't think was possible. I consider myself really lucky to have met her and have her represent me. She is not only experienced and professional but also a lovely sympathetic person. Would certainly use her services again.


posted by Cristina Tig
19:07:18 14/03/2017

Anna was outstanding in helping me through my divorce and custody. She was quick to respond to any question that I had. I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and her determination. Everything was handled in a timely manner and she did everything to speed up the process and make it as pleasant as possible. Above all she is a great human being who genuinely cares for her clients. I will gladly recommend her services when and where applicable.


posted by paul curley
15:03:34 14/10/2016

I would highly recommend Anna for anyone who has had any legal problems while visiting Prague. She dealt with my case efficiently and very professionally, I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome for my case or indeed anyone better to represent me. She replied to all my correspondence in a timely manner and kept me informed of any updates as needed. Anna is also a very nice person and was very easy to get along with when I was fortunate enough to meet her.


posted by BENO LUX
20:08:16 10/11/2015

Anna van der Weerden is one of the best lawyers I have ever had to deal with. Ms vd Weerden did everything in her power to make sure I was satisfied with the outcome of my case. - competent, professional, efficient, thorough - persistent, energetic, tough as nails - likable personality I recommend her up and down.

A big disappointment

posted by Anonymous
11:11:24 05/10/2015

I also chose Anna as my lawyer to help me with my rights as a father. I read all these positive reviews in here, and I went there with great enthusiasm. However, the cooperation was a big disappointment: she was being arrogant at times, she dealt with the case halfheartedly, she made some crucial mistakes, she was unable to tell us what to expect (she went like 'we'll see, I don't know..it depends..' I mean..if not your lawyer.. who does know?) The worst thing of all was the fact she was intolerant at the fact I'm a homosexual (she said during one of the meetings ' if the mother of your child gets married to an other man, that would be good. Because your child will have a n o r m a l father '...) Maybe the reason for all these was the fact that she got pregnant during the time we were cooperating and subconsciously started to support mothers, fathers and normality .. the way she defines it though. . Maybe 'normally' she is a good lawyer.. In my case though, it was a total waste of time and money and I wouldn't recommend her services to anyone.