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Functional Training is a type of exercise that focuses on helping you perform the activities of daily living (including sports) easily and without injury. This does not mean it will protect you from stumbling, but if you already work out and are trying to build a stronger and more powerful physique, functional training is exactly what you need.
I’ve been devoted to this training approach as a professional coach for more than five years, studying the methodology in the UK and USA. For athletes around the world, functional training is the absolute number one training approach. Best of all, the combination of functional training and rehabilitation has proven useful for the normal population as well as professional athletes.

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The best Personal Trainer/Rehabilitation/Physio in Prague!!!

posted by Angela Simone
11:11:45 14/09/2017

In April 2017 I had a Hysterectomy resulting in a Compressed Femoral Nerve damage due to the length of the surgery and the pressure placed on this nerve. So when I woke up from surgery to my surprise and shock I couldn't feel my left leg, I had lost all feeling and couldn't walk. I was told by the Neurologist that I would or should regain full feeling and movement in my leg over the next 6- 8 weeks or longer. I asked him if I needed rehabilitation or rehab however he never referred me to one. So I took it upon myself to seek the services of Martin Krivanek. I used to train with Martin when he had classes at Powerfit and had used his rehab/Physio services in the past for a problematic knee which he rehabilitated over the course of time. So I decided that I didn't want to just hope and wait for my leg to naturally get better so I contacted Martin when I was able to get myself to the gym. Since June 2017 I have been seeing Martin twice a week for rehabilitation and physio. Martin has used various techniques/methods to help wake up the nerve to regain feeling, strength and correcting my walk. Martin uses massage, balance activities, strength and conditioning, core strength and various equipment to get my leg back to its former state before surgery. Martin has also helped my physiological state to perform these basic exercises and has helped me to motivate myself to continue with the exercises at home, work etc.. With Martins positive approach and extensive experience I have been able to get back most of the feeling back in my leg, my life and my goal to get back into Crossfit and other physical activities. I will continue to see Martin twice a week until I regain full range of motion and feeling back in my leg. I am very happy with our sessions and Martins friendly approach and certainly am very happy with my progress and definitely recommend his services.

Highly recommended :)

posted by Eva Chrenkova
22:10:30 29/05/2017

I started training with Martin six months after childbirth in order to get rid of a pain in my back and get fit after pregnancy. This was accomplished very fast. Martin is not only a fitness trainer but he also has a deep knowledge of physiotherapy. Martin pays a lot of attention to the right exercise technique which has been very important to me. He often praises and supports :)