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The Crowne Plaza Prague Hotel - The Place To Meet in Prague – the magically mysterious City of One Hundred Spires and the presidential city of the European Union in 2009!

The Crowne Plaza Prague Hotel is located just a short drive from Prague Airport and within a short distance of Prague Castle and the city centre. Dating back to the 1950s it has a long history and displays features of the art deco style. Some of the 254 luxurious and spacious rooms and suites have a breathtaking view of Prague. The Crowne Plaza Prague Hotel offers one of the largest conference facilities in Prague. With 15 meeting rooms and a congress hall for up to 380 guests the Crowne Plaza Prague Hotel is a perfect place to hold conventions. All the meeting rooms have access to day-light and are furnished with an air-conditioning system. The Sky Lounge on the rooftop floor of the Tower, has been designed as a ""hotel within a hotel"" and caters to all those who enjoy ultimate privacy and personalised service. It offers a magnificent 360° view across the city, including the Prague Castle area. The ""Harvest"" Restaurant with Czech and international Cuisine pampers all gourmets with extraordinary culinary delights. The Armstrong Bar is the right place simply to relax.

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Brutal Brunch Awakenings

posted by Anonymous
12:12:26 13/08/2008

On a sunday some weeks ago we had family in town and wanted to take them to a good brunch. But oh no - Bohemia Bagel in Nebusice is closed? Horrors. So we trundle off to Prague because I'd seen once, in passing, that Crowne Plaza's Harvest restaurant offers Sunday Brunch for somewhere in the range of 500. (Their website has been down the whole time of this writing so excuse please my lack of specifics.) An imposing entry way and a classy looking restaurant with live music - a la Carpenters. Delightedly we sit down and my husband announces he'll pay for everyone. The younger people were a bit thirsty after a night of clubbing in Prague so they set off in search of the drinks table. No drinks table, though. We had to order each glass of juice and cup of coffee - and none of it - not even water - was included. For an entry price like that, I'd have to say that's just insanely cheap of Crowne Plaza. Needless to say, they charge high hotel prices for their drinks. I hope at least hotel guests get free beverages. After all, what is brunch without ten cups of coffee? The buffet was nice. Very nice. A cook in full regalia sliced warm and juicy meat. There was the usual fruit and bread. Miniature muffins ad croissants. Individual boxes of cereal NOT good (some sort of Russian version of corn flaskes that were terrible.) Salads were excellent. The sushi table had that wow factor at first, but it soon wore off, as none of the sushi was "proper". There was no fish, just rice, greens and fake crab sticks. Oh well. The kids did ok - with mini pizzas and smiley face potato cakes. And we all went back for seconds at the dessert table - with its tiramisu, berry parfaits and movenpick ice cream. Yum! All in all I'd say the meal itself was ok, but it wasn't brunch as I know and love. No pancakes, waffles or french toast. No omelet, bagels, bacon or breakfast sausage. Yes, there were tasty potatos. And a chance to make your own Caesar salad (not bad at all). But in light of the fact you end up dehydrated by all this unless you order a payday's worth of beverages, I just don't think I'll be returning.