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We are looking for someone who is smart, savvy, and seriously good at designing great solutions, consistent with business requirements. As a Technical Analyst, critical thinking for you means having the ability to turn madness into the method, and method into the direction. You are organized, a natural communicator, and can bring people together to create shared understanding. Big on purpose and able to stand by your own suggestions, you are empathetic enough to support your colleagues (developers, testers) and see things from their perspectives, let us know.

Our client is The IT service provider of a global financial organization, which supplying solutions to all organizational entities. It provides development, implementation, and integration as well as operational solutions.

Your tasks will be:

  •  Communication with the managers and customers and translating their needs to the developers
  •  Embracing working in a complex, international environment and the opportunities it delivers
  •  Being diplomatic on one hand, while fighting for correct solutions with the other, without losing your smile
  •  Having 'perspective' as your middle name with the ability to step back and see the big-picture
  •  Knowing that sharing is caring and this exchange of knowledge does not threaten your ego
  •  Expressing your values and opinions and articulating them in fluent English


  •  Experience with technical analysis of software solutions for web applications
  •  A proven track record working in the IT or banking industries
  •  Success stories about how you were able to analyze a set of business requirements and provided a solution that hit the target
  •  Understanding of the necessity for testing and documentation of a software project
  •  Experience with REST and API
  •  An appreciation of HTTP, Rest APIs, JSON, and Chrome DevTools, Fiddler, SoapUI
  •  Confidence in being able to relate a given situation to the software product lifecycle


  •  Relaxed, open, and seriously cool environment
  •  Everything you need to work and lots of additional benefits
  •  Flexible working hours and are open for remote working
  •  Care for your personal well-being and career development
  •  Work with a variety of tools including Slack, Confluence, and JIRA
  •  Regular conference visits
  •  Coffee, sweets, and fruits and provide table soccer and table tennis



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