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Job Description
  • Manage a team of inside sales agents.
  • Be available to affect the entirety of the team's operations.
  • Manage by walking around. Be visible to answer questions.
  • Call time monitoring
  • Motivate and encourage agents through positive communication and feedback Business Objectives
  • Actively supports, lead and develop the agents within an environment of continuous improvement through the use of feedback, coaching, training and other developmental activities, leading the team to deliver excellent customer and client satisfaction.
  • Identifies opportunities and weaknesses within the team and the services delivered, making proposals to create value and increase operational efficiency.
  • Collaborates effectively with internal departments, promoting and facilitating coordination and communication between functions.
Primary Activities & Responsibilities
  • Meet at least once each week with the team. At a minimum, reviews the following topics:
  • Review the past week's events, including statistics, results and industry news.
  • Disseminate new product information to the agents.
  • Discuss a sales theme or point-of-interest topic for the agents.
  • Introduce new staff members.
  • Present commendations and awards.
  • Communicate company information.
  • Answer questions and comments.
  • Provide agents with a glimpse of future weeks.
  • Perform at least one monitoring evaluation with each agent every two weeks
  • Spend 30 minutes to one hour monitoring the agent.
  • Spend 20 to 30 minutes reviewing the agent's performance with the agent. Use a formal monitoring checklist.
  • Keep track of attendance, daily statistics, paid time off, sick time, etc.
  • Create and maintain files on each agent as they relate to attendance, production, and reviews.
  • Present to the Project Manager at the conclusion of each week a breakdown of the past week’s monitoring checklists and a written performance summary of the team.
  • Present to the Project Manager at end of each week a breakdown of the next week's monitoring assignments and a plan for the team.
  • Create a forecast describing the things each agent will be focused upon.
  • Create a detailed plan of the way in which you plan to impact your team's day-by-day performance
  • Divide the team into three groups (top, middle and bottom)
  • At the end of each working day, take three minutes to log into the "daily notebook" any feedback, analysis or reflections from that day's interaction with the agents.
  • Recruit new staff and schedule existing staff to meet service level objectives.
  • Interview and hire staff. Assess needs/plan ahead.
  • Develop schedules with agents each month to ensure call center objectives are covered.
  • Schedule residual training, departmental meetings, sales training, and licensing training.
  • Truly understand what the agents are facing.
  • Develop contests, awards and themes that increase agents' loyalty and focus.
  • Assisting the Sales Operation Manager and the Project Manager in the development of strategic plans for the operational activities.
  • Strive to inspire, motivate, support, lead and develop team leaders through the use of performance management, feedback, coaching, training and other developmental activities.
  • Keeps abreast of client and company strategy/developments and maintains awareness of the industry developments.
  • Looking constantly for development and continuous improvement.
  • Striving for new ways continually, to increase efficiency and quality.
  • Maintain and improve all areas of operational performance through setting and reviewing KPI and agreeing recovery and action plans.
  • Contributing to management reports, highlighting achievements and areas of development with plans to address
Qualifications (Education, Certification, Training, and Experience)
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent professional experience.
  • Previous experience delivering premium services.
  • Previous assignment in a high-tech environment is highly desirable.
  • High level of communication skills both verbal and written
  • Excellent computer skills and proficient in excel, word, outlook
  • Team-oriented
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in the role
  • Ability to motivate, train, coach and lead people
  • Systematic and well organized
  • Knowledge in Microsoft licensing is a benefit
We Offer:
  • Competitive Salary with bonus structure
  • Opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment
  • Extensive Training and development program on sales soft skills, products, tools and processes
  • Workplace-based in Prague
  • Package of benefits: Meal vouchers, Multi-sport card, fruits delivery on a daily basis
  • Language courses

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