Teacher of English - preschoolers and schoolers

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Contract work (IČO)

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Education not important

  • Flexible working time
  • Individual schedules of working hours
  • Self-organization of working time
Language school JS FAN is looking for a teacher of English to join our team. In case of interest there is also possibility of long-term cooperation. The beginning of the work is immediately (as soon as possible). The kind of contract is Živno/trade licence or DPP (What is it DPP contract).

What is it DPP contract: http://www.cicpraha.org/en/pracovni-poradenstvi/pracovni-pomer-a-dohody-o-praci/druhy-pracovnich-smluv.html
What is it Živno: https://news.expats.cz/prague-business/doing-business-through-trade-licence/


We are a small homely school organising courses of English for children and teenagers at any age (3-18 years old) since 2004. Our goal is to encourage children to study English and build a good attitude to the English language.

Our courses can be divided into two kinds: internal courses right at our language school (Prague 4-Chodov) and external classes in kindergartens all over the Prague (mostly Prague 4,6,8,9,10,11). At kindergartens we work with popular Wattsenglish methodology (we are local Wattsenglish partner). At internal courses we work mostly with Cambridge University Press materials. We are member of the Association of Cambridge Schools in the Czech Republic.

Our methodology is very playfull and interactive. During lessons we use variety of teaching aids like flashcards, puppets, songs, videos, balls, dices, desk games, pairs and so on. Teachers who are teaching in external courses (out of JS FAN) are equipped with all needed teaching materials (books, puppet, crayons...). Teachers who teach in internal courses have got everything they need right in the place.


- Teaching in courses according to agreed schedule at least until the end end of the school year (the end of May 2020 - June 2020)
- Following of our methodology.
- Thoroughtfull preparation of your lessons.
- Making of entertaining lessons.
- Participation in our quartal meetings for teachers.
- Good attitude to children and enthusiasm.
- Responsibility, reliability and loajality.


- Personal approach of family company.
- Good salary (from 450 Kč/90 minutes or 350 Kč/60 min).
- Young collective.
- Wide range of teaching materials.
- Possibility of long term cooperation.
- Printing and photocopying facilities.
- Computer and wifi connection.


- Živno (trade licence) or work permit (non EU citizens)
- English at the level of native speaker.
- No criminal records.
- Experiences with teaching English or with leading another courses
for children are advantage.
- TEFL/TESOL teachers preferably.


MONDAY 12:15-14:30 - courses in kindergartens Hvězda (Prague 6, 12:15-12:40) and Libocká (Prague 6, 13:30-14:30)
MONDAY 14:30-16:00 - PET exam preparation, group of 11-12 years old, (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
TUESDAY 14:10-15:40 - course for group 9-10 years old (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
TUESDAY 16:00-17:30 - PET exam preparation for group of 11-12 years old (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
WEDNESDAY 15:00-16:00 - PET exam preparation, individual lesson for 11 years old (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
WEDNESDAY 16:00-17:30 - course for group of 12-13 years old (JS FAN Prague 4- Chodov)
WEDNESDAY 17:40-18:40 - CAE exam preparation for a teenage girl (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
WEDNESDAY 18:40-19:40 - individual lesson with adult, level intermediate (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
THURSDAY 14:10-15:40/14:30-16:00 - course for group of 10-11 years old (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
THURSDAY 16:10-17:40 - course for group of 12 years old (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
THURSDAY 17:40-18:40 - English conversation for 1 adult student (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)
FRIDAY 8:30-9:30 - course in kindergarten Bendova (Prague 6 - Řepy)
FRIDAY 14:30-16:00 - course for a group of 10-11 years old (JS FAN Prague 4 - Chodov)

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