Student Support Administrator

Required languages






Type of job

Contract work (IČO)

Required education

Secondary education or professional training with school-leaving exam

Join Brittany, Jahan, Alexa, Siao-Jing, Jessica and Sara in our multinational Student Support team if you believe customer support is or could be your line of work! This is not just any support because we support students enrolled to various online programmes worldwide.

Job purpose: 

Providing administrative support to students and staff. The Student Support team is responsible for student enrolments, deferrals, withdrawals, ensuring smooth processes and timely responses in particular on, but not limited to exam days, making timely announcements on the student platform, providing information, guidance and support to students regarding critical study deadlines.

Job dimensions:

  • Responsible for enrolling students to relevant modules, supporting them in case of deferrals/withdrawals, keeping students informed at all times about any updates to their selected programme by making announcements on the student platform or sending targeted messages through the chat system, providing information, guidance and support to students regarding exam days, submissions and other
  • Programme Administrators works to ensure student satisfaction through continuous communication and process improvement in co-operation with the Student Administration and Support Manager
  • The Programme Administrator knows where to find information or be willing to find out where they can find it; often they will need to contact other departments for certain information
  • Documenting processes and tracking figures is key in this role where information must be shared with potential back-ups. PAs must be able to maintain clear and accurate records
  • Identify complex problems of student progression and seek advice on their resolution from the Student Administration and Support Manager, Academics and the Exams and Assessments Department
  • Communication: provide timely responses through the chat tool 
  • Making students aware of policies and processes
  • Most challenging part of the job – The Programme Administrator position requires very good communication and organizational skills and the ability to work on tight deadlines. Programme Administrators must be able to set priorities according to changes to their daily routine and the progress of the programme they work on. 

You'd best fit if you:

  • Have previous customer care experience
  • Are well-organized 
  • Are highly proficient in English
  • Possess project management skills
  •  Permission to work in Czech Republic

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