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SeniorCopywriting for marketing/advertising agency


Yolk Studio



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How well do you copy?


We are a studio. Yolk studio. The most skilful designers and programmers around. Specialists in high-end digital products and online advertising.


Our team is currently looking for an experienced senior copywriter — creative multi-talent and strategist who doesn´t need holding hands.


We work for British financial institutions, and so we need a native speaker. Or maybe you are not from islands but could astonish us with a perfect British accent?


If you have experience in the financial and preferably mortgage sector, you are almost there.


We're not just looking for someone who likes to type. We want you to think critically over words. To deliver a complete strategy together with a perfect text. Make convincing arguments that your copy will do the job.


If you believe that a copywriter must be an experienced marketer, you're our person.

You have experience in writing marketing texts. You are a verbal chameleon and using different tones of voice is a breeze for you. You know what online marketing is about, and you can handle PPC campaigns (with freelancers) or write video scripts. You can write a funny hashtag, a multi-page brochure and everything in between.


If a word is published from Yolk Studio, it will most likely have come from your desk.

You will be the voice of the brand. Your mission is to represent all our foreign clients and projects with your texts.


A person with all these great qualities is worth his weight in gold. But a nice salary is more practical. You will get a chance to work form our great offices in central London and to work in a small team full of charismatic pro´s.


Does it sound like a job made for you? Let´s meet in person.

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