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Today, our fresh Crocodille sandwiches are sold in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Austria through our own distribution network. We bake them ourselves and produce them in the most modern sandwich operation in Central Europe. For our partners from 15 other countries, not only in Europe, we produce a long shelf life York Deli line, which offers them a flexible distribution even in regions or facilities with difficult logistics. It is this long shelf life product line that is the main offer of our export team.

We are now looking for a colleague to help us to expand our sandwiches to other world markets. We are looking for a person who has great English or German and at least basic Czech language skills. Other world languages for specific regions can also be an advantage.

If you have work experience from abroad, business skills, tenacity, and especially enthusiasm to succeed together with us, then we can offer you a fair share of profits achieved by you and work for a company, which is still run by its founder.


Our expectations are: 

  • You have achieved business success in your career, which you can prove.
  • You can independently search for data about foreign partners who have potential.
  • You conscientiously use CRM to keep track of your agenda.
  • You will prepare an annual plan for the acquisition strategy of the region entrusted to you.
  • You are not afraid to travel regularly, even to remote and unexplored regions.
  • You have good business sense, because it will be the main content of your work, both in the online world and on location.
  • You are not afraid of project management either, because every start of a new partner is a complex project in which you still need to be in touch with the operation. With a colleague from the export back office, you will help your new partners to set up logistics, quality control and marketing support.
  • You are not afraid to lose. Unfortunately, it is sometimes part of our job to lose a tender even 3 times in order to finally win it for the fourth. However, we always go for it again and give it everything.
  • You have the energy and enthusiasm to work.

What you may like with us:

  • We are a purely Czech company, which is financed with its own money.
  • You will be very close to the top management. Every week you will meet your boss, with whom you will set a strategy and discuss the development of your work.
  • We do not have a corporate structure. If the idea makes sense to us, we decide quickly.
  • We don't support office politics and don't put obstacles in someone's way.
  • Your reward has a reasonable bottom, but no ceiling. Its amount depends only on your abilities and achieved results.


What you may not like with us:

  • We say things straight, even though not everyone might like it.
  • We require hard work that makes sense and, above all, produces results.
  • Sometimes we work in a bit of a punk like manner and chase the process settings at the last minute.


In the case of advancing to the next round, we will allow you to get to know our business and production, meet the company's management and you will have the opportunity to subsequently present your view of the offered position and our business strategy.


If our offer appeals to you, do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond to each job applicant within 2 working days.


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