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CZK 35,000 - 60,000



Type of job



Senior - 1+ year of hands on experience of working on SEO projects, on-site & off-site SEO optimization.




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• 2+ years of hands on experience of strategizing and executing digital marketing campaigns including SEM campaigns for Google, Bing, Facebook.
• 1+ year of hands on experience of working on SEO projects, on-site & off-site SEO optimization.
• Excellent working knowledge in MS Office (Advance Excel, PPT, etc).
• Advanced knowledge of analytics platforms such as Google Analytics/Webmaster Tools, Baidu Analytics.
• Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML, client and server-side technologies is a plus.
• Strong organizational skills to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines with business acumen.
• Self-motivated, detail oriented and able to prioritize daily work efficiently.
• Exceptional communication skills. Show superior judgment and professionalism when interacting with stakeholders and team.
• Excellent analytic skills.

Responsibilities & Duties

• The SEO & PPC Marketing Assistant will be responsible for managing and improving company's PPC & SEO campaigns along with the Head of Marketing
• Analyze keyword costs, ad copy, landing pages, and cost per conversion. Identify and inform management of opportunities, potential risks, and other key issues.
• Craft and manage PPC campaigns
• Analyze and translate data from web analytics into actionable plans
• Manage SEM campaigns and set up reporting and ROI tracking within internal tracking systems
• Have ability to navigate complex bid auction environment to maximize campaign profitability.
• Manage the testing and optimization of visitor experiences, including ad messaging, selecting the appropriate landing page for each segment of traffic (by adjusting destination URLs including associated parameters that trigger customization of landing page experiences), and work closely with other teams in a cross functional manner.
• Work independently on all aspects of SEO, including research, strategy and implementation, to enhance organic search visibility .
• Work with internal Content and Creative Teams to improve content, internal linking and site quality.
• Work with PR and Marketing Team on off-page SEO to attract external links and citations through a variety of marketing efforts.
• Consult with the Content Team on page content to optimize our portfolio of keywords.
• Monitor Google Webmaster Tools to identify site issues, such as crawl errors and html suggestions. Communicate with Content and Programming Teams to resolve issues.
• Monitor, track and report on SEO performance and trends.
• Review and analyze company sites for areas that need to improved, deleted, or revised.
• Improve a company's organic search results.
• Keep abreast of white hat and black hat tactics so as not to violate search engine guidelines.
• Strategize ways to improve and track site performance.
• Evaluate product offering, traffic, landing page quality, content, design, security, payment options, shipping options, demographics of prospective customers when determining keywords and campaigns.

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