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Working as a Senior Developer on the Microsoft.NET Platform/C# and assuming a role of a Component/Feature Owner

Responsibilities & tasks:

Identify, adopt and maintain new technologies. Cooperate with partners and vendors on implementation and adoption of new technologies into company products.
Participate in troubleshooting of the respective components. Participate on troubleshooting and recovery scenarios related to your component.
Maintain component documentation; provide tutorials and trainings related to components. Prepare and maintain internal training materials.
Review of code changes and changes to critical code sections. Evaluate component code quality using automated tests, static testing tools, continuous integration and regular QA assessments.

Role requirements:
Min. 3 years experience developing multithreaded client/server applications on the Microsoft.NET platform in C#.
Knowledge of Web Services stacks, HTTP protocol, XML APIs and related .NET technologies
Application/service containers, such as Microsoft IIS 6 (and above).
Knowledge of ASP.NET frameworks along with JavaScript and other web technologies. Experience with developing and maintaining cross browser web applications is an advantage.
Ability to read and write technical English is a must.

Appreciated acquaintance:

Designing GUI of touch-based applications considering UX
Knowledge of printers and printer’s embedded terminals
Knowledge of JAVA
Bc./BSc. degree in Computer Science with focus on Computer Systems or Software Engineering

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