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Global Legal Network (GLN) Acquisitions, Ecosystems and Corporate Advisory – Specialist for Acquisitions Support

  •    Contract Management Integration Specialist (CMIS) is responsible for supporting contracting activities of acquired entities and supporting the completion of its integration into a “steady state” legal support model.
  •    Support the Merger and Acquisitions (M&A), Post Merger Integration (PMI), Procurement, Contracting and Contract Management integration teams and other Legal Services team as part of the Acquisitions Team independently or with minimum supervision in different geographies 
  •    Document and review terms and conditions of different types of agreements (e.g. master agreements, software agreements, statement of works, non-disclosure agreements, proposals, change orders, etc) and other documents relating to various target companies, operating groups in accordance with company policies and procedures, applicable laws, and stakeholders’ requirements 
  •    Support compliance, risk identification and mitigation activities and processes as part of the overall approved contracting strategy for the Acquisition. 
  •    Supervise lower levels or coordinate small working teams for specific projects, assist to GLN Acquisitions Leads in the coordination of the team and collaborate with other colleagues, coordinators, stakeholders and leadership, track deliverables and perform other duties as required

Additional Key Responsibilities 

  •    Reviewing, analyzing, drafting of NDAs, RFP’s, Proposals, Arrangement Letters/Statements of Work, Subcontract Agreements, Marketing Materials, Local Country Agreements, Consulting Services Agreements, Change Orders, Software License Agreements, etc.
  •    Act as the point of contact between project deal team and/or business unit and Legal, ensuring that all acquisition Legal contracting matters are completed; 
  •    Interact and coordinate with Accenture M&A Lawyers, PMI Leads and V&A Procurement Leads on the revision of Data Rooms material, in particular executed client and supplier contractual material of target companies. 
  •    Provide support for acquisition clients that are also currently Accenture clients (“Shared Clients”) with the with Accenture CM currently assigned to the client. 
  •    Consultation and escalate issues to the line manager/ CM Integration Lead that are not resolved satisfactorily by acquisition team in a timely manner or require additional support to resolve;
  •    Identify and manage contracting policy compliance issues, such as NoLBA, Records Management, Trade and Cross-border policy compliance.
  •    Provide independent or with minimum supervision Contract Management integration support for new acquired companies (e.g. point of contact: “face of Legal” for Acquisitions team for contracting needs; identify risks, propose/draft solutions and negotiate agreements; support the business’ compliance with obligations and risk mitigation, support new Accenture executives transition to Accenture’s way of contracting, etc.). 
  •    Prepare status reports and provide regular updates of acquisition Legal work activity to the acquisition business team and CM Integration Lead; 
  •    Display proficient understanding of Accenture's major business areas to communicate effectively with project managing directors and provide efficient advice;
  •    Ensure all acquisition activities are complete or develop transition plan to manage any remaining issues at end of acquisition integration period;
  •    Provide knowledge transfer to and support Legal team members assigned to provide ongoing operational support;
  •    Responsible for providing individuals with positive and developmental feedback, and support any specific training initiatives; 
  •    Independently or with minimum supervision works at smaller engagements and/or works within team at a large, complex engagement.
  •    Supervision of Levels 10 or below; and
  •    Training team members and developing checklists and process documents for reviewing, analyzing and drafting NDAs, RFP’s, Proposals, Arrangement Letters/Statement of Work, Local Country Agreements, Consulting Services Agreements, etc.



  • University degree in Law; contract management experience preferred

Membership in the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) or National Contract Management Association (NCMA) and professional certification are a plus

Work Experience  

  • Preferably 6 years’ + of experience at law firm and/or as in-house counsel and experience in coordinating a group of work. Any exceptions to the above shall be discussed with the GLN requestor.
  • Experience in M&A Practice may be a plus.

Work Requirements

  • Travel as required 

Language Requirements

  • English (C2)
  • Danish or Swedish (C1 or C2)

Knowledge and Skills Requirements

  •    Fluent in English and Danish or Swedish with strong oral and written communication skills; and
  •    Knowledge of M&A transactions, due diligence revisions, general corporate business practices, commercial contracting regulations, subcontracting practices, accounting and finance principles; and ability to apply skills creatively to diverse stakeholder needs; 
  •    Demonstrates ability to consistently undertake contract review and drafting to a reasonable standard with limited external inputs;
  •    Exercise excellent judgment and leverage existing knowledge to efficiently support leadership in acquisition support area;
  •    High versatility to identify and adapt to different work styles within acquisitions and knowledge of various Accenture operations and policies
  •    Display competent understanding of company's service offerings in context of acquisition support areas and ensure compliance with applicable company policies and procedure;
  •    Competent understanding of company’s business operations, regulatory environment and potential areas of risk in delivery;
  •    Advanced process development skills, in order to develop unique approach for the compliance process to apply across large volume of client agreements (“one to many”)
  •    Display competent understanding of company's approval processes and ensure that all stakeholders are timely engaged and informed on the relevant process;
  •    Adept in delivering trainings, presentations and coordinating meetings;
  •    Display a very high level of responsiveness and follow through on commitments;
  •    Detail-oriented, organized and flexible;
  •    Proven ability to advise and interact with all levels of management (confidence & credibility) and collaborate with sales team;
  •    Consistently able to present complex subject matter in a clear and concise manner separating the real issue from the detail;
  •    Demonstrate ability to manage conflict effectively;
  •    Demonstrate Accenture's core values;
  •    Ability to remain composed in stressful situations and consistently performs role in a professional manner;
  •    Ability to work under high pressure, effectively manage priorities and stakeholder expectations;
  •    Proactive and effective oral and written communication skills;
  •    Good time-management, prioritization, organizational, analytical and mathematical skills;
  •    Demonstrates a very high level of responsiveness and follow through on commitments;
  •    Self-Awareness- listens to and accepts feedback - sees feedback as a positive opportunity for improvement and quickly implements improvement activity;
  •    Proven ability to influence and get agenda considered by project team;
  •    Subject matter expert in relevant scope of work;
  •    Remains composed in stressful situations and consistently performs role in a professional manner;
  •    Ability to work under high pressure, effectively manage priorities and stakeholder expectations;
  •    Display excellent analytical & mathematical skills to resolve complex issues;
  •    Volunteer for and successfully leads initiatives for process improvement;
  •    Prefer program/project management and post-award hands-on contract management experience;
  •    Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of general corporate business practices, government and commercial contracting regulations and principles, subcontracting practices, and accounting and finance principles;
  •    Demonstrate excellent organizational skills;
  •    Demonstrate sufficient experience with day-to-day management of complex projects; and
  •    Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word and strong Email communication skills

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