Jsdev: We need your brain, not an amazing Cv

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CZK 30,000 - 80,000Fast salary growth and an opportunity to get a share.


Mid level





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Developers jobs

  • Bonuses
  • Flexible working time
  • Individual schedules of working hours
  • Foreign business trips
  • Self-organization of working time
  • Time dedicated to innovation

Okay, I know, it sounds like we were hungry zombies, but in a way, we kind of are. We love brains.

We don’t care too much about your previous work experience because not many people have experience with QuillJS, the library we are using anyway. (You should know how to program though.)

What we care about is logical, analytical thinking, and the ability to learn.

So, instead of sending us an amazing, three-page long CV (which you can send as well, of course), send us for example:

  • A list of your favourite logical puzzles and games.
  • A list of books you’ve read under your desk while being bored at a lecture.
  • A picture of your proud mom after you won the first Math Olympics.
  • The reason why you like programming.
  • The best Elon Musk meme you can find.

What can we give you in return for your mental capability?

  • Starting salary between 30k - 80k plus fast growth based on your gained knowledge and skills.
  • Possibility to get a share if you’re a long-term and important benefit to the team.
  • People who will help you with the learning process, guide you, and tell you if you screw up.
  • People who will help you fix what you’ve screwed up.
  • People who will then celebrate with you over a beer when you fix what you’ve screwed up.

What should you know before applying:

We’re a team based in Prague 6, we don’t work purely remote although a home-office is possible from time to time. The business team is located in London, we go there every second month or so for a couple of days. It would be great if you were willing to join us eventually. English is essential, and so is direct, honest communication and the ability to admit a mistake. There is no place for an over-blown ego here.

Looking forward to all the Elon Musk memes, and for now, have a great day!

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