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Senior : Frontend Developer HOT

Required languages & Salary: English CZK 90,000 - 130,000

We’re a fast-growing London based start-up with huge ambition. We help small businesses get online and get discovered easily and quickly in a cost-effective way.

What we do

Our state of the art platform allows local businesses to gain exposure to thousands of new local customers, simplifying the way users find and book the right services for them, based on their preferences. We accurately acquire venues and services at speed, to index them so they become searchable and to store them so our marketplace becomes dense with content. We are teaching our machines to learn for themselves, to recognise unique offerings through association.

Our founders, both educated at Harvard Business School, came from successful careers in consulting, private equity and business development to start UENI. They have created an environment that pushes creativity and challenges each member of the team to reach their full potential.

The UENI development team currently consists of 9 developers of varying experience. We are working on a tech stack of Kubernetes, Docker, MySQL, Python3 + Django, and React.

As we aim to provide online presence for "the long tail" of small and micro businesses, much of our work is very data driven. Many of the challenges on the dev team are around this large data set, providing internal tools to other teams to create, interact with, and manipulate this data. We are also delivering the end product to our clients, striving to provide the best digital presence we can which is cost effective and tech savvy on their side (aka automated whenever possible).

Developers are required to interact with the other teams to understand their needs and provide simple, reliable technological solutions. We are fast paced and still discovering what we can do well, and so no developer can expect to be handed simple instructions to implement in a bubble.

On the backend we are in a transition period as we move to a microservice architecture from our original monolith system. Wherever possible, we use a shared django template for these projects so we can start a new project fast and easily understand each other's code.

On the front end our main project is the website, including pages for each business owner with a high focus on SEO and usability to give small businesses an easy but effective digital presence and allow new customers to find them. At the same time we provide extra functionality to the business owners to control and see performance stats for their pages. This is implemented in React, Redux and Node for server side rendering.

About the Prague office:

UENI are planning to open a technical centre in Prague as a result of their growing business and success throughout Europe. UENI want to build a team of developers who will help the company grow further. After initial training it is expected that the Prague team will be working independently on their own projects. This is a unique project which allows you to join a brand new technical centre and build it up from scratch. Also, it offers the opportunity to use your knowledge and experience and transform them into ideas which can be used to develop UENI’s business further.

What you will do:

As a Front-end Developer, you would be primarily working on our main website The website provides business owners with facilities to register, onboard and edit their business information with minimal technological knowledge. At the same time, potential business customers have ability to view business information, and request bookings.The goal of the website is to provide easy to use facilities, and automate as much as possible for the customers (on both ends). The website utilizes React, Redux, ES6, REST APIs, and number other of technologies to provide a server side and client side rendering.We are constantly improving, refactoring and adding new features to our website to improve customer experiences.

You will be expected to:

Work with our UX/UI designers and implement fast and responsive (mobile-friendly) pages based on the designs
Collaborate with backend developers to make sure the APIs serve your needs for a given feature
Work in a team, and collaborate on code style, implementation ideas, and pull requests (using Git).

3+ years of front-end development experience (JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, KnockoutJS, JQuery, SPA, HTML5, CSS3/Less, JSON etc)
Minimum of 1 year using ReactJS
Solid experience of complex JavaScript
Willingness to travel a few times to London during the first weeks of the employment in order to receive training

Highly competitive salaries
Career progression - we encourage personal development, autonomy and responsibility
Developers are encouraged to attend conferences and training days
Freedom to explore new technologies
Develop a modern user experience on a cutting-edge platform
Reach millions of users worldwide
We epitomise the saying ‘work hard, play hard’

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