Hot Digital User Experience Leader

Lead the Design and Innovation of Best in Class User Digital platforms

Required languages


Seniority / Experience

Mid levelMaster of User Research with minimum 4+ years of experience





Type of job


  • Time dedicated to innovation
  • Launching a brand new project

Description of the role.

  • Lead design and delivery of best practice user research, including helping frame key questions, create research plans to address those, conduct research, and synthesize findings into meaningful, actionable insights.
  • Leverage a user-centered approach to conceive and deliver valuable new experiences for our clients and colleagues across mobile and web platforms.
  • Contribute to all aspects of the product development lifecycle.
  • Advise product teams on how to craft and conduct user research to generate insights into what will create a highly engaging and intuitive user experience and often work closely with the team to put those plans into action.
  • Create professional-level deliverables that clearly and persuasively communicate the UX strategy, findings, and reasoning behind it. These deliverables include research plans and protocols, research findings, personas, journey maps, workflows, and wireframes.
  • Collaborate closely with product managers, product designers, developers, and various other stakeholders to identify what will be most critical to the success of a product. You will actively look for opportunities to apply new tools and technologies that can help enrich the capabilities the Firm provides to our colleagues to do their work.
  • Helping others in the firm develop the best practices for user research, and capabilities in the use of empathetic, inventive and iterative methods for product development.

Your experience:

  • You are a Master of User Research with minimum 4+ years of experience planning, conducting, and communicating the findings from user research for digital products and services (familiarity with an Enterprise setting is a plus)
  • Experience planning and conducting both quantitative and qualitative user research at all stages of product development
  • Ability to frame key questions, create research plans to address those, conduct research, and synthesize the findings into meaningful, actionable insights
  • Ability to design and conduct user testing and concept validation – i.e. identify potential solution options for a stated user need and design experiments that help elicit the most viable solution for users
  • Deep understanding of digital product lifecycle; comfort working with designers, technical & business teams; deep knowledge of an array of research methodologies
  • Solid knowledge of and experience with Agile software development
  • Strong communication skills including written, verbal and presentation, with the ability to articulate and optimize the design based on the value to the user and the business
  • Strong collaboration – you partner well with others to solve problems and actively incorporate input from various sources; experience working with others on a global basis
  • Ability to navigate multiple stakeholder groups and influence others
  • Passionate about creating value through great design and user experience
  • Ability to structure ambiguous problems and define tasks needed to bring clarity
  • Experience in managing communications with users and stakeholders.

Why apply:

  • You can influence the entire process not just its part
  • You are going to work with global users
  • You will be working with the newest technologies on the market
  • You will be part of innovative projects
  • You will be working in a challenging environment, surrounded by awesome and talented people, just like you
  • Great career development opportunities
  • Strong organizational culture, team oriented

You must be able to work in the European Union, please send your CV in English.

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