Business Developer - New B2B customer acquisition

  • Sales commission
  • Discount on company products or services
  • Flexible working time
  • Home office
  • Work predominantly from home
  • Self-organization of working time

We are Vincario, a Czech company focused on smart data and automotive. While still a startup, we have been an active player on the market for a number of years now and have a stable portfolio of corporate customers, both locally and globally, including some big names and brands - even Interpol recommends our service on their website!

We want to accelerate our growth by building an active sales force for acquisition of new business customers.

The advertised role will be focused on acquiring new customers on the global market (excluding Czech Republic)

Why should you be interested?

Good, working and market tested product that has a high-growth potentialVery enticing compensation if you put the work in

This role is suitable for experienced business developers / sales people, as well as for those more junior in their experience, but seeking to grow. Good communication skills are a must in both spoken and written English (other languages are a benefit - i.e. De, Esp, Ita, etc.). If you like the smart data or automotive industries, it is a plus.

We’d rather have a smaller and active business development team, where people will be able to attain great results and comp.

What you will do:

Acquire new business customers for the Vincario VIN decoding API service

Working off of a predefined lead list, you will develop relationships with target businesses, confirm their data needs and acquire them as a customer, if our solution can satisfy their needs.

How we work:

We are a modern-day startup. Everything is on-line. Our meetings happen through video/audio calls, and the same is the case for your customer calls / meetings.

We prefer being effective and efficient, instead of wasting hours away on useless meetings. We work fast and hard, but do so in order to have a good work-life balance. We want to make sure we have time for our families and hobbies.

We offer:

Small team, great communication, good background in terms of systems / tools. 

Active sales are at their inception - we have to build this together.

Direct success benefit - your compensation will be 100% commission based with a high commission of every sale you make. 

This is a unique career opportunity - we will either build a company together that we will keep working with for the years to come, or you will grow your skillset and build up a list of valuable references.

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