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The operator controls all Radio and Television audio equipment and digital audio work stations,- contributing to the production of the programs. The operator is also responsible for facilitating multiple live audio connections to ensure IFB and communications lines are established during complicated Live studio productions. The operator directs and produces a variety of Radio programs using varied production techniques with a view to maximum efficiency and radiophonic quality. Strives to ensure the highest possible technical quality of broadcasts. The position involves shift work, including weekends, evenings, nights, public holidays and on-call to support a 24 hour broadcast schedule.


Directs and produces a variety of radio programs (including special events, commentaries, news reports, features) using varied production techniques.
Acts as audio operator in the TV studio. Working alongside the video switcher operator and studio control room director to perform the live duties of the show.
Operates DAVID and other audio equipment ensuring faultless radiophonic quality and adherence to professional radio standards.
Responsible for the establishment of audio remote connections.
Directs the production of live and recorded radio programs.

Minimum Qualifications:

Specialized education in audio-visual arts.
Specialized training in the operation of television broadcasting equipment.
Minimum 2 years’ experience in radio production practices and techniques, including operating audio equipment and digital audio work stations.
Ability to work with digital and analog audio studio equipment, audio mixing consoles and microphones, Mandatory.
Ability to direct and oversee the production of complex, creative radio programs, including selection and use of music, multiple voice tracks, sound effects.
Considerable knowledge of radio broadcasting practices and techniques.
English language (Advanced), mandatory.
Broadcast region language (Working Knowledge), desired.

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