Ghost Tours: Actors / Story-tellers wanted

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Mysterium Tours in Prague is hiring ACTORS / STORYTELLERS to perform along evening and dramatic walking tours at the Old Town, in elegant gothic costuming (evening time – 2 hours) in Spanish, English, Italian.

Mysterium Tours is an up-and-comer franchising company that offers dramatic themed evening walking tours guided by our professional storytellers in appropriate period outfit. We operate in 3 cities currently: Prague, Madrid, Cracow, Budapest.

Desired skills:

- An excellent use of Spanish, English, Italian with native accent.
- A good look appropriate for impersonating an elegant gentleman or noble lady from the olden days.
- A genuine passion for dark history, mysteries, legends and gothic fiction.
- A charismatic voice with good projection, suitable for narrating historical facts and dark tales.
- An ability to memorize the scripts and deliver a professional performance.
- Enthusiasm about wearing a period outfit: gothic / victorian / steampunk.
- Be independent, disciplined, self motivated, open, honest and flexible.
- Have a basic knowledge about Czech history.

Benefits of working for Mysterium Tours:

- Personal (shadowing) and online training.
- Handpicked outfits fit to the personality of every individual.
- Competitive wage and tips in cash.
- An international team who share a common passion.
- A stunning work environment: old town.
- You could be featured in magazines, radio, TV and travel blogs or attend vampire balls and events.
- We offer the opportunity to promote your extracurricular activities (photography, music, arts, etc.) on our social networks.
- Freelance position

If you are interested please send your Curriculum Vitae along with three photos of you and a Motivational Letter written in English or Spanish or Italian.

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