Las Adelitas Restaurant

Las Adelitas Restaurant

Brewsta tries this newly-opened Mexican restaurant in Vinohrady

Las Adelitas Restaurant

Las Adelitas Restaurant

Brewsta tries this newly-opened Mexican restaurant in Vinohrady

Published 04.11.2009
Last updated 24.11.2009

          "This is like deja vu all over again." Yogi Berra

Three months ago, I wrote about the Mexican food delivery service, Las Adelitas. It was a mixed bag, and normally, I wouldn't revisit something so quickly.

But right after I did that post, I found out they were going from delivery only to opening an actual restaurant in Vinohrady.

My curiosity meter jumped. I went three different times to check it out.

It was a tiny place, just seven or eight tables. There were also a few spots by the bar.

I was sorry to discover they served Stella Artois (.5 liter/35 CZK) and Staropramen (.5 liter/28 CZK).Not my favorite beers, but I had a Staro.

It was nicely cold and crisp.

They had a few varieties of margaritas. First, I tried the classic (89 CZK) without salt.

It was tiny, but I really liked it. The drink was both very tart, sweet, and packed a little punch.

Unfortunately, it was gone all too fast. I know tequila isn't cheap, but the price seemed high for how small it was.

I also tried the mango margarita (99 CZK).

There was sweet mango nectar and tequila in a glass rimmed with sugar instead of salt. There was also more liquid in the glass than with the classic. It was good, but you really have to like sugary drinks.

V tried a glass of red wine (29 CZK).

She said it was fine, nothing special, but she couldn't believe the price. A real bargain. She even told the waiter they should charge more.

On my first visit, I looked at the menu and saw that there really aren't any offerings that could be called appetizers or starters. The only thing that comes close is the Sopa Azteca (49 CZK).

The salty-sour broth contained shredded chicken tortillas, white cheese (Balkan style, the only thing close to a Mexican cheese), and dried red chilis that were quite chewy. Yes, it was spicy, but not overly so, even when I chomped on those peppers. The chicken was fresh and tender. I'd get it again.

Then, I ordered my favorite dish at Prague's other real Mexican spot, Fosil. That would be the Tacos Al Pastor (169 CZK).

You get three soft corn tortillas filled with chunks of pork marinated in Pastor chili sauce. I admit I was dubious about the combination of fresh pineapple, onion, and cilantro before I had it the first time. But it is quite delicious.

My regrets with this version were that the meat was tough, it was barely warm, and they don't have the great hot sauces on the side that Fosil has.

Pineapple juice is supposed to break down the protein and make the pork tender, but it didn't happen here. Still, I'd say it was my favorite of all the dishes I tried.

On my next visit, I had the Burrito de Cochinita with pork (145 CZK).

The meat was marinated with achiote, which is usually a paste of annato, coriander and cumin seeds, with black pepper and oregano.

The pork was succulent and tender, with lots of flavor. I enjoyed the black beans inside. What I didn't love so much was the leaves of iceburg lettuce wrapped up in there.

I asked the waiter if that was how they did it in Mexico. He said no -- that it was usually served outside the burrito, but they put it inside to cater to local tastes. Too bad. It would be better without.

On the side was a green chili sauce, red rice, and black beans. The burrito also had lovely vinegared red onions on top.

On my last visit with V, I ordered the Enchiladas (169 CZK). They offer a green sauce and a red sauce, but I got the mole.

This one was sweeter than some I've had. It was thick, spicy, and yes, just a little bit like a chocolate sauce. It was less weird than you think, but I like sweet and savory dinner dishes more than most people.

On the other hand, the chicken inside the rolled corn tortillas was too bland and a little dry.

V tried the Quesadillas Adelitas (169 CZK). There were three varieties -- pork, chicken or vegetarian, but you can get one of each, which is what she did.

These were not quesadillas like any I had had before. First, two didn't have cheese as far as I could tell. Second, they were like fried corn meal turnovers, rather than the pan-fried tortillas I'm used to. They were topped with onions and Balkan-style cheese.

Again, the pork was the best, with the most flavor.

Again, the chicken was dry and bland.

And the vegetarian was filled with just mashed potato and cheese.

It really was not tasty or interesting at all. Just greasy and heavy. Being from New York, it reminded me of a knish, if that means anything to you.

The service was always quick and very friendly. The waiter and manager always walked around the small place, asking people how they liked their food, getting feedback and having short conversations. Lots of smiles.

That's very different from the service at Fosil. I like the Fosil's food, but the glacial pace and forgetfulness of the service often dissuade me from making a visit.

Las Adelitas Restaurant had many of the same dishes as their delivery service, with a few nice additions.

The dining area was too bright for my taste. They played good Mexican music, but ambiance was somewhat lacking. I've heard they are going to work on that.

I'd go back again, and I'd order anything, as long as it was anything made with pork.

And if you read my earlier Las Adelitas review, it's like deja vu all over again.

Las Adelitas Restaurant
Americká 8
Prague 2
Tel: (+420) 776 805 317

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Comment from: zascuach Published: 07:39:50 21.08.2012
I must say I dont like this restaurant, the lak of experience not even in the cooking style but in the service is really low, I could say that they should really care about doing a better job and focus on the flavor cause is not just about using green tortilla to look more mexican the food in fact it taste too salty and deep too fried, the tacos al pastor are even worst they need to look after their recipie cause always are dry and the pork is not well marinated in the special sauce at least they could get better quality. The Quesadillas It cannot cross my mind having one just stuffed with "rice" or some other mixed stuff, you never know what get, so then a waitres told you that they cannot returned to the kitchen so they offer you a disccount that at the end is not even what say it will be, this is just outrages. Now that they succeed opening a new branch, I was hoping something better, but since the moment I enter it was not right, there was not a well welcome, like crushing in a big party then, the kitchen looking good but the guy in it, was wearing a casual outfit like been in his own kitchen, you can see that hair could go in every portion of the food, then you can see mess arround to hot for the people, to messi, and still it looks is just about the party, not about the experience of a new fresh look and taste.
sldh(Guest) Published: 11:24:19 27.01.2011
Las Adelitas is non-smoking. The appeal of a non-smoking restaurant? HIGH. Las Adelitas, I recommend you to everyone I talk with. Love your flautas, love your enchiladas verdes (not for the faint of heart), love your sopa azteca, love your guac. Your big soft drinks are terrific! And I love your friendliness. Thanks!!
diana(Guest) Published: 03:53:01 10.01.2011
I is really good that there are also good mexican cuisin in prague at last. I love their cuisine and recommend to have a short stop there if you go areound.
Las Adelitas(Guest) Published: 11:28:48 26.07.2010
Thanks to everybody for your comments, its really helpful to read some feedback and to know you guys like our food and service, and otherwise to know what things we need to get better, regarding the DPH (vat) we want to clarify that ALL the prices on the Menu have the tax included..and we had never and DO NOT charge it over the price. E.I. Tacos al pastor are 169 on the menu and are 169 on the final price when you pay.. as everything else :)
nat(Guest) Published: 01:32:06 16.06.2010
BEWARE: Their prices on the menu are without vat, at least I was charged that way. i.e. Tacos al pastor were 169czk on the menu but when I got the bill it had extra 20% vat I never came across such price listing practice here in Prague. So my bill was not 680czk but 816czk It was good food over all but it didn't blow my taste buds away as I was expecting. If 20% VAT was included in the listed prices, I'd go again. Otherwise it's too expensive.
joe_writer(Guest) Published: 07:58:14 22.11.2009
The place is small but comfortable and the service is good; there are plenty of staff working and meals are prepared without a long wait. This is real Mexican food, as close as you'll get in Prague, with smaller portions but prepared using traditional recipes. A uncomplicated menu of essential Mexican food. The menu of tequillas is limited, but there are a couple of high-quality tequillas available. Full review at:
DUBIDUBIDU(Guest) Published: 06:52:44 18.11.2009
Finally in Prague we have the best place to eat, drink and sometimes dance on friday nights. My favorite food is pollo en adobo,and Taquitos mmmmmmm,delicious and the coffee with vanilla is amazing. the staff is cute they look like the mambo kings .I THINK THAT LAS ADELITAS IS THE NUMBER ONE MEXICAN RESTAURANT IN PRAGUE....
chuck(Guest) Published: 10:21:05 13.11.2009
The Flautas are Awesome!!!!! they remind me of Californian taquitos!!!!...mmm!!!!!
James B. Stewart(Guest) Published: 09:45:46 13.11.2009
Andreas(Guest) Published: 10:50:27 12.11.2009
I live about 200 meters away from the restaurant and I went there for the first time today. It was great! Really nice staff, and I'm glad to see that the restaurant was filled with people, means they won't be out of business!
Brewsta(Guest) Published: 02:15:46 11.11.2009
I just hope I can get a table next time I visit ;-)
LAS ADELITAS(Guest) Published: 10:27:54 10.11.2009
Mr. Brewsta, we want to thank you for taking the time to visit us on three different ocations, and for sharing your valuable information and feedback. We are aware of some of the issues you have mentioned and we are working hard to improve them. We will be expanding our menu progressively, so we invite everybody to come and sample our new dishes soon.
dzn(Guest) Published: 03:32:36 10.11.2009
I've heard they want to start the delivery soon.. just that the response of the people towards the Restaurant is overwhelming, that they got no chance to take care of both... so I'm up for waiting a bit.. till they sort it out.. in the meanwhile I'm heading there for some real Enchiladas!
janey mac(Guest) Published: 12:11:27 10.11.2009
Have been there a couple of times. The green salsa is super. Sadly they do not deliver though. Good value (especially the wine) and great service.
chuck(Guest) Published: 06:21:49 05.11.2009
I go to las adelitas all the time and the food is great!!! I love the enchiladas de mole,sopa azteca and flautas!!!..also the customer service is great they are always smiling and help you promptly.Looking forward to going there tomorrow!!! nice to have such a good Mexican place in Prague!!!