Applying for Residency Permits

Applying for Residency Permits

How to obtain a residency permit in the Czech Republic

Applying for Residency Permits

Applying for Residency Permits

How to obtain a residency permit in the Czech Republic

Published 07.02.2006
Last updated 06.03.2006

Written by Boban Stamenkovic

Since 1 May 2004 - the date of entry of the Czech Republic into the European Union - EU nationals are no longer obliged to apply for a residency permit if they intend to stay more than 90 days in the territory of the Czech Republic. However, according to article 87a) of law no. 326/1999 concerning the stay of foreigners, they are entitled to apply for a special EU residency permit. It means that if an EU national wants to live in the Czech Republic, (s)he need not have a residency permit. However, some Czech authorities require the residency permit for other purposes (for instance, buying a property, issuing a czech driving licence and so on).

There are two types of special EU residency permits: a temporary (or short-term) residency permit which is valid for 5 years and a permanent residency permit valid for 10 years. Individuals carrying out business activities in the Czech Republic (sole traders, executive officers and shareholders) are entitled to apply directly for the permanent residency permit. Employees can only initially obtain the temporary residency permit, but after 3 years of continuous stay in the Czech territory, they can also apply for a permanent residency permit.

The applicant must present the following:
1) passport
2) 2 passport-sized photographs
3) document proving the purpose of stay

The document proving purpose of stay can be any of the following depending on the circumstances of the applicant:

- work contract (if the applicant is an employee)
- trade licence (if the applicant is a sole trader)
- extract from the commercial register or eventually a notary record showing the name of the applicant as an executive officer or shareholder.

Family members of the applicant are eligible to obtain the same type of residency permit (temporary or permanent). As confirmation of their purpose of stay, they must provide a marriage certificate (in case of wife or husband) or birth certificates (for the children). If applying for a temporary residency permit, they must additionally provide proof of health insurance coer that is valid in the Czech Republic and an affidavit saying they have enough financial means to avoid being an uncessary burden on the Czech health care system. For children, this affidavit must be signed by the parent.

The application must be submitted at the Foreign police according to the place of residency of the applicant. The application can be made by proxy, however the permit the permit must be collected in person.

The maximum period for the registration process is 180 days according to the law, but in practice the process takes about 2 months.

NON-EU Nationals

If NON-EU nationals intend to stay in the Czech republic more than 90 days consecutively or if they want to exercise business activities or work, then must apply for a long-term visa.

The applicant of a visa must produce:

1) passport
2) 3 passport-sized photographs
3) proof of purpose of stay
4) proof of sufficiant financial means
5) proof of address of residence in the Czech Republic
6) proof of good character
7) proof of health insurance


Point (3), proof of purpose of stay - this can be, for instance, a trade licence / notary record of appointment as an executive officer or share holder / extract from Commercial register.
Point (4), proof of financial means - this need is not required for employees.
Point (7), proof of health insurance - this document need not to be produced until the visa is collected at the embassy.

Once the visa is issued, it is necessary to visit the foreign police (which can be done on the basis of a power of attorney) to stamp the visa in your passport.

Familly members of the applicant are also eligible to obtain a long term visa. For confirmation of purpose of stay, they must produce a marriage certificate (in case of wife or husband) or birth certificates (for the children).

The initial application must be submitted in person at a Czech embassy abroad. The nearest embassy is in Dresden (approximately 150 km from Prague). Other embassies not far from Prague are in Vienna and Bratislava (approximately 300 km from Prague). The Foreign police who authorize the issue of visas by the embassy, must pass a decision within 180 days, but in practice the registration process takes approximately 2-3 months.

If you require assistance or advice on any of the above matters for yourself or your foreign staff, please feel free to contact us on Our telephone number is +420 222 314 101 or email us on

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Hello. At link below you can track the status of your visa, resident permit, permanent permit or work permit www.buter,cz

10.01.25 09.01.2017

Comment from: animaleyes76 Published: 11:45:57 09.04.2015
katherine(Guest) Published: 03:41:33 09.04.2015
Great article. Thanks for the info, it’s easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a form unimproved property contract, I found a blank form here.
PJay(Guest) Published: 10:35:27 12.02.2014
Hey guys, this might be a silly question, but where can I actually apply for the temporary residence (as an EU national)? I´ve tried foreign police on google, but only found a website in czech, and offices of the min of interior, thank you very much! PJ
Comment from: Published: 04:10:05 14.10.2013
Hi everybody I applied for permanent residency on June 18, 2013 . I had all the papers and I was fully eligible to apply. BUT.. here's something that worries me very much - when I applied, I had job. After two months I've quit the job so now I'm without job (unemployed). Is there any chance that my application could get rejected because of this? I'm worried because it's too much overdue by now, by law it should've been done within 2 months after applying :|
tahar (Guest) Published: 09:02:03 22.01.2012
i'm from Algeria i have SRO company in Czech republic since 2007 I'M JADNATEL it mean owner and manager of my company but i just get short term visa every 6 months they give me 60 days for stay in czech ,i want to ask if i have right to ask for permanent residence permit ?? i have rent contract for 5 years and with vipis katastro, i already have all papers they need , just i want to know if there is some new law about that thank you
ummar(Guest) Published: 09:02:55 22.01.2012
hi there, i m ummar from pakistan and im interested in forming a company(sro) in Czech Republic. can anyone provide any trustworthy information/details of a company who can help me with the process and visa assistance? thank you
sherif(Guest) Published: 06:00:34 15.07.2011
hello how can i get a permit of stay in Szche rp and how much it costs thanks
Uzma(Guest) Published: 01:17:24 02.06.2011
I agree with Barbara.The info in the article is outdate.According to the new rules,the temporary residence permit is supposed to be applied to Ministry of Interior rather to Czech Foreign Police.The registration should be initially done in Czech Foreign Police, for which the proof of residence is required.In this reqgard,I want to know how to sign the property contract right after getting Prague as the time limit of registration is three working days.Secondly, the health insurance is also required at the time of registration in Czech Foreign Police.How much does it cost exactly?I am a non EU national and need to go through medical examination as well.Can any body tell me where to get the physical examination done?Thanks.
rajesh(Guest) Published: 01:54:51 09.09.2010
Hi all, i am none europian living in germeny my visa is over now i am illigal here .do i can apply recident permmit in czech ?
M Rahman(Guest) Published: 12:54:34 19.07.2010
hi there, im rahman from uk and im interested in forming a company(sro) in Czech Republic. can anyone provide any trustworthy information/details of a company who can help me with the process and visa assistance? thank you.
Paulo(Guest) Published: 12:20:32 19.05.2010
Vadim, i am in the process of relocating to Brno, and though i have the contract, i don't really have a confirmation of accommodation, but i can get that easily as well through friends, my problem is that i can't really understand what is the "extract from the Katast"means and how i get it. Can you explain? many thanks
Vadim(Guest) Published: 05:10:44 24.09.2008
Hi everyone. I have some update on necessary documents from the temporary residence (EU CITIZEN): 1) 2 passport sized photos 2) easy copy of your passport 3) confirmation from the employer 4) confirmation of accomodation from the propery owner 5) extract from the Katastr (other way they'll take your rent contract) 5) form That's all. All the documents should be originals. You should also have your insurance card, employment and rent contracts with you to show it upon request. Be sure to know your parents birth dates and current residence. Also your current and one previous employer address.
Vadim(Guest) Published: 12:37:48 23.09.2008
Ausczech: Probably you have had a bad luck. A friend of mine applied for a temporary residence at the FP less then a month ago, and he already owns it. ;) The process was easy, but he had do leave his flat rent contract there - that's bad. They didn't accept any legal copies or any other proof of accomodation. About the work contract - he didn't present it at all. He has given them a paper from his employer saying that he's working there, and a paper that he has paid all the taxes for the last fiscal year. He also presented his czech insurance. He applied for it in the BRNO office (Cejl 62b). I'm going there tomorrow - with all this documents + extract from the Katastr (my landlady is not the owned of the apartment - her parents are). And hopefully I will be able to share my experience in several weeks.
David(Guest) Published: 11:56:15 14.08.2008
Hi Ausczech, Can you please just confirm for me what you said about needing a resident's permit to buy property. Did you discover if this is necessary or not? Thanks
Ausczech(Guest) Published: 05:39:18 20.06.2008
I wish my own experience was as easy. I attended in person, waited four hours, and applied around 10 months ago in Brno for Temporary Residency as an EU citizen. I provided all necessary documents and completed the form. When I told them I wanted the residency for property purchasing, they tried to tell me it was not necessary. My work contract from my Czech employer was in English, so FP refused it and I had to go back and ask my boss for one in Czech. I was given a phone number and told to ring in two weeks to see how my application was going. I rang for over two months but no-one answered the phone. As I work out of town, long hours, it is rare that I have an opportunity to return and sit all day at FP to find out what's going on with my application. It was April before I got the opportunity to do so. I was told EU citizens were not dealt with in that office any more, that they had moved to Cejl, and there was no point tracking them down as they weren't open for business yet. I haven't had any time to chase it any further. In the meantime, I have heard absolutely zilch from FP ... nothing, nic. So, my own experience tells me this article isn't just outdated, it really isn't so simple, from my perspective.
Kine58(Guest) Published: 05:51:45 18.02.2008
Hi all I have been sorting this out recently and would just like to offer my experience as an EU national. Document List: 1. Passport 2. 2x Passport Photos 3. document proving the purpose of stay. (A work contract is fine but it must be an Indefinite contract and it cannot be older than 6 months) 4. Rental contract/Proof of residence. (the best solution for this is to attend the Foreign Police and obtain a document for your landlord/lady to fill in. Please note this MUST be done by the owner of the property. Even if you have a contract this may be required.) If you have all theses documents then everything else is easy. yes it can take time but if you are applying outside Prague it is usually quicker. Similarly if you mention that paying for an "express service" isn't a problem a few hundred crows can get the everything sorted within the week. THERE IS NO OFFICIAL CHARGE.
Mod-Team(Guest) Published: 02:45:43 19.11.2007
Hi Barbara,

Would you care to elaborate? Myself (and I'm sure, many of our readers) would be very interested in any info you could provide.
Barbara(Guest) Published: 01:02:24 16.11.2007
My current experience tells me that some of the info in this article is out dated. The process may actually be a slightly less complicated now e.g. when it comes to affidavids concerning you financial situation.