Cost of Living - 2013 Update

Cost of Living - 2013 Update takes a revised look at the costs of living in Prague

Cost of Living - 2013 Update

Cost of Living - 2013 Update takes a revised look at the costs of living in Prague

Published 07.08.2012
Last updated 15.04.2013

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Even before you've considered dealing with the red tape, you might be wondering how far your salary will stretch in the Czech capital. Once again we've created an up-to-date table of Prague living costs in Czech, European, British and US currency.

Since our last table was published for 2011, there have been increases in the cost of food. Basic food like eggs and milk for example have risen to new highs, often as a direct result of EU regulations and lower resulting imports. Due to a rise in petrol and diesel fuel prices, transport costs have risen as well. The same applies to electricity. Essentially, higher transport prices lead to an increas in many food prices.

Hotels have seen prices remain relatively the same and as always, these are highly seasonably biased.

So far this year (as of 7.8.2012), the EUR has seen a downfall versus the Czech koruna, only to gain recently. The GBP has seen an initial downturn, followed by strong gains towards the summer months. Finally, the USD has followed virtually the same developments as the GBP, ending up strong throughout the summer of 2012.

Within the Czech Republic, the avarage gross salary for the year 2011 was 24321 CZK /month. The first quarter of 2012 is showing a gross figure of 24126 CZK /month. Salary for Prague is higher and the first quarter of 2012 gross figure is at 31845 CZK /month. Predictions seem to indicate a slowdown in salary growth as a result of overall slowdowns largely affected by the Eurozone crisis withing the EU.

Despite these developments, Prague remains fairly inexpensive compared to most European capitals with the exception of consumer items, which are often more expensive when compared to other countries in and outside of Europe.

Cost of Living - 2013 Update

Cost of Living - 2013 Update

Exchange rates:
1 USD = 20.33 CZK
1 GBP = 31.66 CZK
1 EUR = 25.17 CZK
(As of August 6, 2012)

NOTES: This is a rough guide to prices only and all prices are based on a median. Prices include VAT (value added tax), which remains at 20% full rate, or 10% reduced rate.

The average costs were taken from the Tesco supermarket. An inexpensive meal for one was calculated at a main course (a schnizel or goulash), plus potatoes or dumplings, and two beers. The meal for two at a mid-range restaurant included the soup of the day, main courses, dessert and wine. Remember prices near the tourist centers are maybe 25% to 30% higher than the average.

There are two caveats regarding housing prices and utilities. A number of factors will determine rental price, such as proximity to historical areas, whether the flat is in a modern, old or panel building and the flat's size. Utilities will depend on heating and the energy efficiency of appliances. Comparing prices is advisable. Choosing the right company could save you consiserable amounts.

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Don(Guest) Published: 07:57:52 27.03.2014
Not all Americans are like Danny. But...let's not make his comments change what this page is about! I find that cost of living really can't be charted in the US as a whole. Costs differ so much from state to state, great example is gas..or petrol. Here in Illinois you will pay double what you pay right across the border in Missouri. Obviously as is common across the globe, things alsp skyrocket in price when entering major cities. All I can suggest is if you are planning a trip to the US, do your homework on the specific area you will be in! Side note...the US isn't just New York City and Los Angeles..come visit the interior and small town USA, that's where you will find us friendly Americans along with our low cost of living. We may not have huge skyscrapers, but we are the heart of the American culture, which does indeed exist Marie! That's the beauty of America, our culture is inspired by every ethnicity that is apart of us, and it is always changing.
Comment from: Rob_Prague_2004 Published: 08:47:10 02.06.2013
Hi Ray. The airport is about 16km/10 miles from the centre. 1000 CZK for a taxi seems on the low side as I paid 700 CZK to reach Prague 4 Jizni Mesto (15 miles/25km in total). Depending on when you're arriving and your amount of luggage, you might like to look into other options. Does where you are living have a train station?
Ray(Guest) Published: 04:49:48 24.05.2013
So the above doesnt mention taxi rate per kilometer/mile. Is it based on distance or time? And in general what is the rate? I'm going for a month and am staying 50miles from the airport. I'm figuring roughly 1000czk as its 50 from airport to city center and the location is 25 miles on the other side. Is this right or am I completely off? Also... to this Danny person... I've been traveling the world since I was 18 years old. I've done my fair bit of traveling. The reason people treated you like crap is because of your own egotistic ways. I'm an ESL instructor; Europeans in general try to think the best of people until you're an ass. I'm sorry to say that you probably proved to them that Americans really are idiots. Good job. Wicked proud of you. Stay home in your box.
Comment from: Expat Care CZ, s.r.o. Published: 10:53:35 18.04.2013
I love how the price for lunch includes two beers :) Viva Czech Republic!
Comment from: Published: 12:34:58 02.02.2013
@Danny Have never experienced paying "triple" for anything here. And you should learn Czech because guess what, this is the Czech Republic. On second thought, go home before you continue to give us Americans a bad reputation.
Milan(Guest) Published: 08:29:25 01.02.2013
Maria, I 100%agree what you have said. I live in USA for 20 years and 10 years in Canada. Danny is one of those American idiots, who think that USA is center of the Universe. Curious how many languages he speaks. Traditionally old generation speaks German however, the new generation are learning and speaks English quite well. People like him should learn history of the country they are visiting in order to appreciate and understand that country. In 1930 the Czech Republic was one of the most industrially developed country. Unfortunately many things have changed through communistic years. I don't want to go too much into the history. The truth is that as a small country surrounded by big and powerful countries has done quite well. Always found ways from the hardship. Czech humor is endless and even in the most difficult times. Danny is complete ignorant trying to see just negatives. Probably miserable and unhappy wit his own life. Danny I have message for you. GO AND f*** YOURSELF. (you know what it means)
marie(Guest) Published: 11:07:19 30.12.2012
Danny how you can say that czech people are the worst in the world? they are one of the best europeans i have ever met, cost of living is the best quality and low cost comparing with London and US and im talking about big cities in US, i can see that you were just a tourist of course cost of living in touristic places will be super expensive as in every country in the world, you dont even know that they have great supermarkets with the best quality and good prices besides Tesco of course, also you dont know anything about czech culture and real people. You should go and live in Prague for just one month and you will change your mind. you cannot judge them just because of travelling a few days, is like if i say that US people is not nice at all because they usually dont like latin people as me; but this kind of behavior you have to judge a nation because you were few days there assures me, that you are just a typical US citizen and this makes me put US in a mean less country for travelling, and those czech people that agree with you they are as you said that old minded communistic persons that still believe US is the best place in the world; but well you had a bad experience in CZ i had disgusting ones too in US its a country without culture at all, just copying european traditions, and its funny every US people i met they were trying all time to show off with their ancestors because they are EUROPEANS, so i think its better not criticize a nation before looking where you come from, but of course if you tell me that you have native americans ancestors 100% you´ll have the right to say anything about any country because you can say that some culture is not nice like yours but i guess this is not the case because you dont have culture as country, big percentage of czech people are 100% czechs and this is what makes them special and thats why they have a great culture and they havent lose their traditions and czech spirit after so many wars and difficulties they had in their history, they didn´t kill their own nation (like US have done with native american indians, this culture is almost extinct in your country) czechs fought for themselves and that´s why they have what they have now; so i advice you to stop blaming a country in so mean way without any reliable arguments because if i blame your country as you do it with other ones trust me at least my friends would agree with me and blame yours too, and im including my US friends because i actually have just 2 and they are my friends because they are open mind not like you. Good luck and i hope you will change your mind someday. In the other Hand, i have to say that after living in Prague for few months and in other places too and i wouldn´t choose another city than Prague its just the perfect european city! 100% points to Česká republika! :)
Comment from: Rob_Prague_2004 Published: 10:52:38 07.12.2012
There is an important distinction to be made between tourists freely choosing to pay 80 CZK on Staromestske Namesti (with the price being clearly displayed), and being presented with a bill higher than the agreed amount. I eat out regularly in Prague 2 and my local Prague 6, and pay local prices. It's only in Prague 1 where you hear waiters adding 10 or 15% service charges to already overpriced meals, but the same happens in touristy parts of Spain and Italy. As for Danny's comment, Czechs have a bit of an inferiority complex and do down their country a lot, it doesn't mean you have to join in. I have experience places like France and the UK which think they are the best in the world, but there are plenty of negative points about living there, and the bottom line is I have a better quality of life here in CZ.
danny(Guest) Published: 09:44:25 02.12.2012
When are you going to learn that prices MUST be the same for everyone you Cezchs would you like to come to US and be charged double for anything..? You are incredible, really have not much to offer, you are surrounded by prosperius and rather smart nations, Germans, Austrians, yet you speak no languages, (which is ok) but you don't stop there, you think you are better than ANY western nation,and THEY should all learn Czech,and PAY triple for everything!! I have never met more unfriendly ppl anywhere in the world! And I did some's a shame you don't give up these probably communistic reminescents and try to integrate a bit in the world you pretend you are better from...Gee...adn before you start drop it, I have many CZ frineds form all levels...and they couldn't agree more!!!
Ivan Ivan(Guest) Published: 03:36:11 13.11.2012
I usually buy local herbs for 5-15 (by quality) USD / 1 gram. But if you are tourist, you can pay much more (+100%). For example, i pay for 1 beer (1/2 liter) 1,25 USD and 2 USD for 0,04 liquor in Prague pubs for locals, but in pubs or bars for "tourist" you can pay 2,5-4 USD per beer and 4-XX for 0,04 liquor.
Will Frazer(Guest) Published: 01:43:35 06.11.2012
So how much, in USD does a gram of the local herbs cost? Im considering moving to Prauge and this is a BIG determining factor.