Cost of Living - 2011 Update

Cost of Living - 2011 Update looks at how much does it cost to live in Prague

Cost of Living - 2011 Update

Cost of Living - 2011 Update looks at how much does it cost to live in Prague

Published 20.04.2009
Last updated 07.08.2012

This is an outdated document for 2011 - Please see our 2015 update here

Even before you've considered dealing with the red tape, you might be wondering how far your salary will stretch in the Czech capital. Once again we've created an up-to-date table of Prague living costs in Czech, European, British and US currency.

Since our last table was published for 2010, food prices and transport costs have remained stable. Overall rental prices have risen slightly. According to Mladá Fronta Dnes, rent across the country has gone up on average by 0.58%, even though property prices have dropped. Their average regional prices can be found here (it's in Czech, and the prices are an overall average.)

Standard hotels have remained about the same. However, looking through this list will turn up some very good bargains (at least at  the time of writing).

The Euro has continued to gradually fall against the Czech Crown. The US Dollar strengthened in the middle of last year only to fall again. At the moment it appears to be increasing in value. By mid 2010 the British Pound had peaked at just above 30 CZK. It is making some gains now.

Given the slight strength of the British and American currencies and general stability of prices, Prague remains fairly inexpensive compared to most European capitals with the exception of consumer items.

Large Sausage from Wenceslas Square
Lunch for one in a pub130
Dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant 550
Lunch for one in a sandwich bar 70
Combo meal at KFC or McDonald's 105
Coffee and Cake in Central Cafe 1004.07
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) 35
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) 60
A shot of vodka (20 ml) 30
Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) 351.42
Water (0.33 liter bottle) 351.42


 Milk (1 liter) 
0.610.51 0.79
 Loaf of Fresh Bread (Šumavský)210.88
 Loaf of White Sliced Bread21
 French Baguette (Large)
 Eggs (10)20
 Cheese (100g) - Eidam
 Whole Chicken
 1kg Apples (Granny Smith)
 Water (1.5 liter bottle)
 Bottle of Czech Wine75
 Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle)11
 Imported Beer (0.5 liter bottle)23
 Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro)82
 Pack of Cigarettes - Czech Brand67


Limited Ticket (20/30 min.)
75-Minute Ticket 
24-hour Pass
5-Day Pass
Month Pass
Month Pass, Child
Month Pass, Student 
Month Pass, Senior
Annual Pass
Taxi (airport to center)
Taxi (within center) 
Liter Petrol (Natural 95)

A  full list of public transportation prices is here.

London (All Airports)
Paris (All Airports)
New York (All Airports)


Room in Flatshare, Prague 1/2


Room in Flatshare, Outside Center
Studio Flat, Prague 1/2
Studio Flat, Outsider Center 
Flat (1+1) in Prague 1/2
Flat (1+1) Outside Center 
Flat (2+1) in Prague 1/2
Flat (2+1) Outside Center 
4 Star Hotel, Dbl Room (Per Night)
Hostel, Bed in Dorm (Per Night)

UTILITIES, ETC. (Monthly) 
Basic (Gas, Electricity, etc.)
Phone (Land Line) 
Mobile Phone
Internet (ADSL) 

Exchange rates:
1 USD = 18.95 CZK
1 GBP = 29.30 CZK
1 EUR = 24.57 CZK
(As of January 9th 2011)

NOTES: This is a rough guide to prices only and all prices are based on a median. Prices include VAT (value added tax), which remains at 20% full rate, or 10% reduced rate.

The average costs were taken from the supermarkets Albert Hypermarket and Billa. The water was the Czech brand Dobrá Voda. The domestic beer was Gambrinus, and the imported beer Stella Artois. An inexpensive meal for one was calculated at a main course (a schnizel or goulash), plus potatoes or dumplings, and two beers. The meal for two at a mid-range restaurant included the soup of the day, main courses, dessert and wine. Remember prices near the tourist centers are maybe 25% to 30% higher than the average.

There are two caveats regarding housing prices and utilities. A number of factors will determine rental price, such as proximity to historical areas, whether the flat is in a modern, old or panel building and the flat's size. Utilities will depend on heating and the energy efficiency of appliances. Comparing prices is advisable.

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Comment from: Published: 07:48:10 06.08.2012
As I have recently got a lot of emails with similar questions, I have decided to write FAQ and answers about Prague and life in Prague. I am sorry for my English if any mistakes, but I think it will be useful. Well nowadays the Czech rate of unemployment is about 8,4% (almost 500 000 people) and it is pretty hard to find a job here. But in Prague it is different, there are lots of jobs you can apply for. Here you can find job opportunities. This is the biggest internet gateway you can find in the Czech Republic if you are looking for a new job. Then you can try even but you have to use a translator, I don´t think it is in English too. Somebody prefers agencies, I prefer sending CV directly to the company or their personalists. On the you can find both ways. Well I´d like to know what is the wheater like? - we have mild climate - spring is nice, summer has been recently very hot (34°C), autumn is nice because of a lot of colors in the nature (trees and leaves change their colors), winter is often cold (somewhere could be even -28°C but this is really exception) and with a lot of snow. It has been said that we have just two seasons - summer and winter. It could be truth, the nature is sometimes very interesting and unpredictable. When I sum it up, the weather is good. When is the best time for visit the city? - if you mean Prague, I think always. Prague has it´s charm at every season. But of course in winter it could be worse because it is not comfortable to go for a walk in Prague when it is -15°C... How much cost living there, I mean is it cheap or expensive? - Prague is the most expensive city in the Czech Republic. Almost everything is more expensive than in other cities or towns. Especially rentals. For attempt when you are a Czech student you often have to share a flat with other people. The rental of a flat could be even 15 000 CZK per month or more and when you are alone it is not often possible. You can´t afford it. But every problem has a solution. Is the city safe? - Yes, I think Prague is quite safe. Of course you should!!! avoid going to parks in the night!!!! This is very dangerous!!! There are lots of junkies, homeless persons and dangerous people. Sometimes you can find some "bad guys" in tram or underground in the night. Don´t talk to them and don´t look at them if possible. Otherwise call the police (the number is 158). During the day it is ok. Of course you can find some problematic people but it is not as bad as in the night. Prague is our biggest city and so it is full of different people. There is mafia of course but ordinary don´t have to afraid of them. How well is the public transportation? - A quick and quite comfortable is underground and tram. Of course you can use bus but I have never travelled by bus when I was in Prague. Underground is really good and you can move almost anywhere by this way. DON´T USE TAXI !!!!!!! It is too expensive, mainly for citizens from other countries. Our taxi drivers are stupid. When they see you are a tourist, they increase the carfare twofold. And this is really bad! Travelling by car in Prague is hell. There is often traffic jam so travelling by car is slow and uncomfortable. Underground and tram is the fastest way. Are there enough green spaces or public areas? - Well... I think yes, there are. Although Prague is "a cement jungle", you can find a lot of parks and some interesting places where you can just sit and relax. What about the employement and pollution? - The least unemployed people is in Prague. Nowadays we have 8,4% of unemployed people but in Prague you can find the most free jobs. Pollution is a problem, sometimes there is smog but the tourists often don´t see it. If you lived there for many years, you would find it but I think it is not so bad. Some more useful information - If you want to have some Czech beer (our beer is good, try it), avoid buying them in the historical centre. You don´t have to pay 60 CZK (2,5 USD) a glass. Look for pubs out of the centre, you can buy it for 18 or 23 CZK. Prices in the centre are the highest so be patient and always look for other restaurants. An average salary is oficially 24000 CZK but this is not truth. It depends on what your job is (if you are for attempt an IT expert or a worker) but the real average Czech salary is about 15 000-18000 CZK per month. If you make 24000 CZK, you are a lucky man. *** What do I think about living in the Czech Republic? Life in the Czech Republic if almost fine even though we have some problems too. Our government is the worst we have had since 1989 (the Velvet revolution - the end of communism). People hate them and don´t believe that it could be even worse. The most surprising thing is that it really can be worse and everyone just stares and says "what the hell?". Our politicians are often corrupted, we have many corrupting affairs and there is nobody who could make it better. They make a mock of ordinary people and they think they are gods and untouchable... Our country is often ridiculous. You know, before 1989, when the communism was here, people were not satisfied because of the dictatorship of the proletariat. It was not possible to travel except a few countries (Russia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria...) and there was lack of many things (vegetable, fruit, electronics). But everybody had a job, people did not have to worry about their lives because the state was able to help anyone if needed. We had a lot of prospering fabrics which used to made for attempt airplanes, industrial components, cars (Škoda), we had many good scientists, great health care, some sugar factories, great farming....... But the dictatorship was really bad. After 1989 (the Velvet revolution) everything was supposed to be better, mainly democratic! What do we have now? Nothing! We have sold our state! We have sold almost all state-owned fabrics, almost all hospitals.... These fabrics (where many thousand people used to work) are close down, our health care is better than before but doctors and nurses don´t make enough money (actually as all ordinary employees), sugar factories, farms are close down too. We used to be a self-sufficient country, now we are dependent on goods from other countries. We have become "a garbage can" of Europe. What do I mean? We import almost everything - low quality food from Poland (for example we import foodstuffs which contains ROAD SALT!!! and there is nobody who could stop it!!!), low quality and expensive meat, toys, clothes..... from China! We used to own a fabric making cars - Škoda. Nowadays this fabric is owned by Volkswagen (Germany). If you want to buy a favourite car - Škoda Octavia, you have to pay on average 350 000 CZK and you get lower equipment. When you go to Germany to buy the same car you pay 350 000 CZK but the same car is more comfortable and has more equipments, and this is just because you go to Germany. In Germany you can buy often cheaper but more quality food than in the Czech Republic! How come? Because a Czech citizen can is able (forced) to get over that! Because we have no other choice! And this is sad....... When you see that the average Czech salary is about 25 000 CZK, you want to laugh because this is not truth! I don´t know quite anyone who has such a salary! My mother has been working as a nurse for more than 30 years and her salary is 15 000 CZK! Her boss (a private doctor) makes.................... lots of money. But she doesn´t have a reason to raise her salary! Why would she do that? She knows that my mother (or any other ordinary empolyee) has no choice! She can´t go anywhere to look for a job because of 1000 reasons... And this is the worst thing in the Czech Republic! There are already just two kinds of people - rich and poor! Rich people are often businessmen (employers), politicans, mafia members and bastards who know how to make money and not to be catch! Nowadays almost 500 000 people are unemployed (8,4%). When you are young and you have no skills, you won´t get a job because you have no skills! But how can you get skills when you can´t get a job? When you are over 50 years, you are old and you have to shut up or you are fired! If you are so unlucky and you are over 50 and you have no job, you have really a big problem! Almost nobody wants to hire people who are over 50! Employers choose and choose and you have to visit a lot of companies and you often here "no... no... no...". Are you a woman? And you haven´t had a baby? You will not get a job because there is "a problem" that when you become pregnant, you will go on maternity leave and then you will have to look after your kids when they are sick. So you are not an interesting person for most employers.......... Ordinary people have become slaves. I don´t magnify! Czech employers know (very well) that if you don´t like the job you have to do (and no matter if you work in a unsatisfactory working environment), you can go. He can hire other 10 people immediately after you close the door of the fabric! So for example people working in supermarkets make too little money (8000 CZK) and their boss treats them badly. But they can´t do anything. They are happy (and lucky) they have a job althought they can´t sleep because of being nervous and destroyed! You can see it everywhere. I can remember when people used to gather in pubs, play the guitars and sing Czech traditional songs. I can remember friendships. But now... everything is gone! We have found out that money makes us happy and we become "money hunters". We have found enviousness instead of being happy! One of our ex-president said "people are in a miserable mood". And he was right. But it is caused by this society, this system we live in. Another terrible thing is that there is almost no justice in this state. You can´t find help anywhere! If I murder somebody, I will go to jail for (for example) 20 years. But after 10 years I can try to ask for conditioned release and if I am lucky (and the chance is high) I will be released. But if I steal 1 000 000 CZK from a bank, I will go to jail for 15 years! But if I "steal" 1 000 000 000 CZK from the Czech state budget, I am untouchable because I have a lot of friends (politicans, mafia members...) and they won´t let me go to jail of course. And in case that somebody would like to investigate the affair, he could be "hit by a car"......... Our government says "we have to save more money so we will increase taxes". Suddenly you see that our stupid fucking government had bought OVERPRICED military airplanes we don´t need and the police conducts an investigation! Or you listen to a regional council president saying "no more corruption in the Czech Republic" and a few years later the police catch him in the streets of Prague carrying 7 000 000 CZK in a small box where bottles of wine are supposed to be! And I think it will not surprise you when I say the money was a bribe! I think that this country has no good future! Czech people are fucked up and discontented with the situation. But the worst thing is that they will not do anything. Everyone will just say "if I could I would..." but nobody will do anything! We are a country of chronic complainers. But the absolutely worst thing is that there is no solution how to change that. This is our mentality and maybe our destiny... I suppose the crime is just in our larger cities (mainly in Prague). Prague is not as dangerous as some world cities but sometimes you can hear that "a controversial businessman" (a mafia member) was shot or murdered. Of course we have many murderers killing ordinary people just for fun, money or something else. This is always terrible. We have a lot of problems with gypsy people. Because of them we are sometimes called a racist state but there is no wonder. I bet nobody would love to live next to a gypsy family! What they do so bad that we don´t like them? Nothing! Yes, they really do nothing! They don´t work! They live in ghettos and PRODUCE (they really PRODUCE!) kids because of welfares! They live (drink and smoke) just because of the welfares! An average gypsy family has more than 6 or 10 children! They produce children as much as possible! They are often agressive, they beat and rape other people, shoplift, thieve.... But they will NEVER work! And they are untouchable! Our government protect them! No wonder people rise up against this situation! For example watch this video from 1:46 . What would you say about that??? This is not normal!!! And again - there is nobody who could do anything to protect ordinary people! Yes, there are some good gypsy people but too little number! Yes, we have a lot of homeless people especially in Prague and other large cities. Nowadays a lot of people are poor, mainly in some parts of this state (Ostrava etc.) because of the unemployment or low salaries. The corruption is a terrible problem here. We have many corruption affairs but there is almost nobody who could make this situation better. Yes, when you are not scared to open you eyes, you see that this country sucks! I am not proud of being Czech! We have amazing nature, historic sight and buildings, beautiful women, good beer (we drink the most beer in the world, I don´t know if it is fun or sad...) but how will this help me or my son? Hope this helps!
Former Expat(Guest) Published: 09:16:36 04.08.2012
I'm warning you all. Check with your employer before you arrive. If the salary is anything less than about 40000 CZK per month ($2000 per month) you will not be able to live comfortably in Prague and you will wish you are back where you came from. 35 - 40% of that you will have to pay in taxes. This salary is about double the average salary. However, Czechs live in low rental accommodation (in those grey communist style apartment blocks where they pay something like 3000 CZK per month) or with their parents. That's how they survive. Foreigners will not be offered this kind of accommodation. You will instead live in some multicolored upmarket apartment block complete with a shopping mall on the ground floor with rents exceeding 20000 CZK per month including utilities (I'm not kidding). Czech food is not that good really no matter what the Czechs say about it. If you've ever had carp you know what I mean. Czechs like meat dumplings a lot. If you like parky v rohliku (the weird Czech hot dog which is sometimes called euro dog) then fine (I'm laughing already). The rents are outrageously high and are more expensive than many cities in the US. If you're going to shop in the centre of Prague, be prepared to pay what you would in West Germany. Supermarkets are quite expensive actually and only a bit cheaper than in the US. The quality of supermarket food is lower than in the US, particularly if you go to Kaufland, Billa or Interspar. TESCO and Carrefour are better but not as good as TESCO in the UK or Carrefour in France. Peanut butter is ridiculously expensive. Czech beer is cheap I agree, but I still prefer Guinness and Jim Beam. Bottled water is cheap too (as it is in the US) if you buy the Czech variety - dobra voda and not evian. Prague has become more expensive recently as the US dollar weakens. Prague might be nice in appearance (and that includes the people), but probably below average in friendliness. Believe me, there are a lot of miserable people in Prague who wish they were somewhere else.
Comment from: Published: 10:41:54 29.06.2012
to Bob: try this link - be patient, don´t hurry and use translator if your Czech is not good enough. Flats in the centre are too high, you should avoid them if not necessary. You should look for flats in the suburbs of Prague. You will see the difference and you will find out you always don´t have to pay high rents! Good luck.
Comment from: Published: 10:37:46 29.06.2012
If you need any specific information about our country - the Czech Republic - let me know. Although I don´t live in Prague, I know our country very well and I used to travel to Prague for business so I know the city. I could help or advise to anyone who is interested in the real Czech life which is often hard and confusing for other people! This is my email: - feel free to contact me. BenTennison16 says that "the average czech salary is between 26-27k per month (around 1,050 EUR) (around 33,000 CZK - 1,250 EUR depends on exchange rate - in Prague). source: czech statistical office" It would be amazing if we made such money but 80 per cent of Czech people makes JUST ABOUT 15 000 - 18 000 CZK! And this is true! So if you make more than 25 000 CZK per month, you are lucky. It is not enough money to pay rent, buy food and to have much fun if you live in Prague, but you are happier than a lot of Czechs...
litpout(Guest) Published: 09:31:26 29.06.2012
Hi everyone, I am Czech, I don´t live in Prague but I have a lot of experience and I know my country well. As I can see that a lot of people don´t know if they have enough money etc... I would like to tell you something about our country. BenTennison16 says the average Czech salary is between 26-27k per month (around 1,050 EUR) (around 33,000 CZK - 1,250 EUR depends on exchange rate - in Prague). Source: czech statistical office. Well... 80% living and working people in the Czech Republic DO NOT MAKE SUCH MONEY!!! The real average salary is about 15 000 - 18 000 CZK before taxes!!! Of course people in Prague make more money but in Prague is everything more expensive than in other parts of the Czech Rep. If you want to live a good life in Prague, you have to rent a flat and share it with other people. This way is good if you want to save some money. Life in Prague can be very expensive when you don´t know the city well. You should think twice - for attempt if you want to drink some beers, do not go to the centre! Yes, you will see a lot of historical monuments etc. but a glass of beer costs 50 or more CZK! And this is crazy!!! You can find a lot of pubs where you can buy the same glass of beer for 18 or 23 CZK. So if you make more than 25 000 CZK per month you are lucky. It is not the best salary ever but you are happier than 80% of Czech people... Flats in the centre are very expensive! If you want to find a cheaper flats, you have to look for flats in the suburbs of Prague. You can try for attempt this Don´t hurry, be patient, use a translator if you don´t speak good enough Czech. You always don´t have to pay high rents! If you have any questions or something you would like to know about living in the Czech Republic or Prague, let me know:
Bob(Guest) Published: 01:52:36 20.06.2012
How much does it cost to rent an apartment suitable for a family 2+3 in Prague? Something modest but decent.
Abhinav(Guest) Published: 02:19:21 09.06.2012
Going for study in CTU. How much money montlhy do I need including rent and everything
Comment from: Koyunbaba Published: 10:48:13 21.05.2012
You can live very comfortably in Prague for 10k a month if you do not have to worry about rent. I would say 6-7k is a bit low if you want to go to the gym regularly, which could cost you anywhere from 800-2000 a month.
Anya(Guest) Published: 10:18:12 12.05.2012
Can anyone tell me if 15000 CZK for 2 months (no need for housing) is enough for normal life? Can I afford to go to gym and swimming pool??? Thanks in advance :))
Porkchop(Guest) Published: 09:23:47 04.05.2012
Hi, I am an American of Czech descent and have been living here for about 6 years. To all those who will be making 40k or more gross in Prague, it is plenty to live nicely and even save if you share a flat. I used to live off about 30k gross and went on vacation a few times a year. For questions about owning a car: Yes it is expensive. Gasoline is now at about 38 CZK per liter = $8 a gallon roughly. Car prices have significantly dropped and I would say they are between 20-50% higher than US prices (20% for VW, Skoda etc, 50% for Audi, BMW, other premium). This can be attributed to consumption tax (VAT) of 20%, and lower competition since the US is known for having the cheapest prices for consumer goods including vehicles. Repair costs under warranty are quite high increasing as you go into luxury vehicles but again labor costs are much lower than in the US, it is the material costs that get you, which are anywhere from 50-100% higher than in the US. I have to comment to Bruce directly. If you are not joking, 500k is an exceptional salary only reserved for top managers. Yes, people make more, but off of this salary you will live like a king. The absolute best flats with swimming pool, gym, view of Prague castle, etc peak at 100k for maybe a 300m2 place. For searching for housing, I recommend checking the postings here on Expats as they are often without realter fees (which you often pay everywhere else, about one months rent) That's about it for now, hope it helps.
de(Guest) Published: 02:03:17 24.04.2012
I might move to Prague of Czech republic. I am getting 6050czk/month is that enough to live there?
bruce(Guest) Published: 11:58:30 13.04.2012
I make about 500,000 czk per month as a self employed business man. As I am hoping to study at the Prague film school I have decided to take my business abroad to Czech for 1-2 years. What sort of lifestyle can you have with 500,000 czk per month ($300,000 per year)
kartik(Guest) Published: 01:41:40 29.03.2012
I am moving for job to pregue in April. The employer offer me 45000 kc gross is anyone can tell me is it gud amount for living. I am alone but need to save some money. Anyone can tell me the shared accomodation and the normal monthly expencess.
Alexandre(Guest) Published: 10:44:30 26.03.2012
Hi. I would like to know if the electricy bill and gas are separated ? I saw above an average of 108.02. Are they together ? Are they paid monthly or in two and two months ? is 108.02 per person or to share ? So, for a student the basic living expenses in Prague will be room + food + transport + internet + mobile and some leisures, won't ? Is there any other extra expense to be paid such as insurance for student ? Wha about the internet. Is The price above of 19.28 to share or per person ? Tks Alexandre
Yolli(Guest) Published: 11:03:58 23.03.2012
Hi, I live in small town near Ostrava and study in Brno. I read your comments about salaries in Czech Republic. Believe me, 30 000 CZK is very nice payment. People here have normally 15 000 CZK...
Victoria(Guest) Published: 08:31:22 05.03.2012
Hi, there! I need some information regarding a job offer in Brno that I have received. The salary is going to be 23 500 CZK gross. I need to know if this is going to be enough, if I need to pay rent, utilities, food and of course having some money for personal needs. (Also if considering sharing an appartment with a roommate). Thank you in advance for inforamtion given.
Sarah(Guest) Published: 10:25:46 04.03.2012
I may be going to School in Prague and I am going to have a living budget of 10,000 Kc per month with a rent of about 3,200 Kc per month. This will be just north of the City, in Suchdol. So perhaps the tourist prices wont effect my area. How does the finances look? will this be enough?
Jonno(Guest) Published: 11:25:59 02.03.2012
Having visited Prague this week (27.2.2012) armed with the info that things are really cheap,i.e.a 2 course meal with beer for about a fiver we found that things weren't quite what we expected! Although not over expensive a steak meal for 2 with beer was costing about 24 in a fairly average type of restaurant.However if you wish to have extras like vegatables etc these are all extras The cheapest small beer was about 1, and a coffee about 2 each. They do charge extra for milk! A day pass on the tram is 4 which is good value. If you catch the 22 tram to the castle area, beware of a restaurant which is situated on the corner and sells mulled wine from outside. If you buy a coffee from this establishment, you may be offered a taste of their local 'medicine' from a charming lady salesperson. Then if you accept, you will find a bill for over 20!! Keep your money in your pocket or check the price on the menu first!!!
ROCK STAR DINESH(Guest) Published: 12:55:43 28.02.2012
i will be moved to prague..soon..i am a CCNA certified professional and my designation is System Admin. they told me 7000Kc per month..i dont know whether is true or lie..what is the average salary of a system admin in prague..and how much is need to live a descent life in prague..
William(Guest) Published: 03:52:49 24.02.2012
Hello... I'm moving to Prague soon... I will be alone... How much do I need per month to live a normal life? My salary will be 30000 net, can I save money with this salary? I really appreciate any advice...
Petr(Guest) Published: 03:24:55 12.02.2012
Hey jody, i lived in czech republic for 14 years, and 25000kc aka czk is more than enough if yyour appartment is paid off.
anthony(Guest) Published: 01:21:55 10.02.2012
Hi gyus!!!. I ama about to accept a job in Brno.The net salary is about 45000. I realize that this is a respectable amount of money but what if you want to bring your wife and kids here also??. How much money per month is enough for a 4 member family , leaving the rent aside. One more think i dont understand is why there is so much difference in rents between estates in Brno and ones 10-15klm away from it????
Nidia(Guest) Published: 05:45:40 10.02.2012
Hello, I might be rellocating to Prague with my 14 years old daughter. She does not speak Czech, but English and Spanish. How much is the cost of a private school? Any advise?
katka(Guest) Published: 02:00:34 08.02.2012
Hi, I am from Czech and I am quite surprised. Tom, My husband is Head chef in Prague and gets 1000Euro. In England even cleaners have more...
sivakumar(Guest) Published: 05:04:59 19.01.2012
hi i am chef work in cruise line ..i like to come czech repulic .what is the basic salary for cook and chef?please any one answer my question. thanks
Shone(Guest) Published: 11:35:13 05.01.2012
First, thanks to all who sent their inputs! They are various so I would simply like to know - would 700 euros be enough in Prague for a decent life? I am planning to do my masters over there so I guess would be living somewhere close to the Uni (CTU). Thanks a lot!
cate(Guest) Published: 08:53:44 03.01.2012
Judy, it depends on your planned doesnt seem to me much 25000 CZK
Tom(Guest) Published: 03:20:24 16.12.2011
Judy if you dont have to pay any rent then its ok. Most money go away for accommodation.
Judy(Guest) Published: 08:41:08 29.11.2011
Hi There! Me and my husband will be living in Pragua for 6 months. I would like to know if 25000 CZK is enough money for a living for two of us. The apartment already been paid for. Thank you for alll the comments!
atom(Guest) Published: 03:35:41 04.11.2011
hello can anyone give me any info on if your reg disabled in uk and u want to live in czech are there any beneifts for somene like me? my son is residing there and im thinking of going ive tried many websites but have yet had no feed back would be gratefull if u could help
Tale(Guest) Published: 08:53:31 23.10.2011
hello guys...just I wanna to know that how much money I need to live there as a student,for example for a month how much money I need(rent home,food and etc)...pls help me....thankss
BenTennison16(Guest) Published: 08:07:25 21.10.2011
@alan, hey alan, considering the living costs in brno (got a friend studying there), 19k would be plenty for you and your wife and your child to live there. if your wife cannot (for any reason) then you should still be easily able to live on about 500 euros a month yourself. that friend is a student and for a private room you'd pay approx. 100-130 euros per month, so incl. food and everything , it is possible to live under 250 EUR quite easily. 500 EUR, VERY comfortable. Heck 500 Euros is what i spend here in the UK! where prices and wages are double. But obviously Belgium is more expensive (more than the UK i'd say) so although you'd be living like a king for 500 euros a month, your family in Belgium would be just about okay with over 1000 !! But i suppose you can always claim government support (benefits ) or something. The bottom line is, Czech republic (except maybe for Prague) has an amazing purchasing power. Although salaries are maybe like 50% of Belgium, (avrg. 12-13k EUR per annum gross), the prices are low as well. so ---> similar standards of living pretty much. You need to calculate how much it costs to live in Belgium first.
Louis Grobler(Guest) Published: 11:14:39 21.10.2011
Hi I am going to teach in Prague. I will be payed in USD. What is a good not great salary??
Adrian(Guest) Published: 11:01:40 19.10.2011
Hi all, Is 25000 czk/month (before taxes) enough for one person to live in prague? Thank's in advance.
alan(Guest) Published: 11:09:24 17.10.2011
Hi all, I'm offered a job at Brno which is paid 19000 Euros gross per year. Consideraing I have 3 months trial and for this time my wife and kid must stay home here in Belgium and I must send them 800 euros net do you think I can survive and if I was there with wife and children considering my wife only speaks french Could it be enough for us 3 ? Thanks for answers.
Ashu(Guest) Published: 06:13:19 16.10.2011
Is 20000CZK pretax permonth salary is enough for living in Brno for a family of two?
Sandman(Guest) Published: 09:00:38 01.10.2011
Hi, I am considering a move to Brno. Would 50000Kc/month before taxes be enough for a good life of a couple with a small kid?
Doug(Guest) Published: 10:59:59 15.09.2011
are some of the comments for real? Asking things like 'is 100,000czk enough to survive on' or 'which business should I start'. If a company is really paying someone 100,000czk/month then they should be smart enough to do basic research on cost of living here. And if they can't, then I want their job!
Tomas(Guest) Published: 04:34:09 05.09.2011
Xavier, Im not familiar with business plans here so you should check some official international websites about business in Czech republic.
Xavier(Guest) Published: 05:42:46 04.09.2011
I would like to live in Czech.. I have 90000 USD. what can I do with that money in Czech. Is it possible to set up a small business..
Tomas(Guest) Published: 12:52:05 24.08.2011
Hello everyone I read all commenst and there are few things I would want to tell you. Im czech and I live in Prague right now. My salary is 19 100,- CZK after taxes. I live on my own in flat which is 3 minutes away of the subway station and its situated on top of the hill above the historical center of Prauge. I pay 9200,- CZK for rent, energy, TV, internet, water, electricity. I pay monthly about 500-1000,- CZK for my phone bill and 2500,- CZK for food and I have a car as well. So Im able to save up money even though I have this starting money. If you guys follow the main tourist routes be ready to pay like 200% or 300% of the common price there for everything! But few steps away from the main tourist roads you can get normal prices so theres no problem to get a good beer for 25,- CZK. As I said I live on my own and I have no problem with anything. I dont need to share my flat with anyone to live comfortably. Its true that salaries in different areas are lower than in western europe or north america. For those who are from US, you have health care paid from your taxes in general you have to pay less money to live here even though Prague is the most expensive city in Czech republic. My salary will rise twice in one year (made by my contract) so I will have 35 000,- CZK before taxes in one year which is very cool. To buy high guality goods for good money you have to go to other stores that arent straight in the center. Its true that everything thats on the main tourist roads is fucken expensive. If you would need any advice or help just email me at I have no problem to answer your questions or help you with something in Prague.
ali(Guest) Published: 01:06:02 15.08.2011
hi. i am going to czech republic for starting a small business.i have 20000 euro.anyone tell me which small business and which city will b suitable me in czech republic.i will b thanks ful to you.
frank.(Guest) Published: 12:02:25 10.08.2011
I'm going to Czech this month with 250$ in my pocket. And that's it!!!! Adventure time and on a one-way ticket. Time to see what happens, and im makeing a documentary on it how to survive urban life abroad!!! Ahoj.
prashant mishra(Guest) Published: 12:19:09 01.08.2011
Hi All, Need your valuable help , as i got an offer from Czech republic. Could someone tell me if annual pkg of around 500000 would be enough to live a good life there. Please also tell what are the good places to look for a home at rent. Has anybody been successful to get a job after returning back to india from Czech republic.
Atli(Guest) Published: 10:35:42 23.07.2011
I'm sorry to hear how little all of you make. I'm going there in a few days to tear up the party scene, will buy you guys a beer if I run into anyone of you.
rabit(Guest) Published: 09:40:17 05.07.2011
Let me tell you how salaries in Czech are very unevenly distributed. I am a qualified postgraduate doctor and let me tell you that in less than a year after completing my specialization , I was out of there. After 6 years of medical school I was earning a miserly 12800 Kc (before taxes) in 2005. After another 5 years (which is the min. time to complete a specialization) I was earning 35000 Kc (before taxes) a month. Let me tell you about my friend who went through 4 years of Engineering school and his starting salary was around 16000 Kc (after taxes) in year 2003 and after another 2.5 - 3 years he was earning 40000 Kc (after taxes). Professionals such as doctors are extremely under paid. No wonder so many of them leave in their prime. I am now in UK and am earning like 4x that amount even without doing any on calls.
Curtis(Guest) Published: 09:20:32 05.07.2011
Are these prices real ? If they are I am visiting the Czech Republic !! I only saved up about 8,000 CAD dollars for a 1 month visit but after seeing this site thats about almost 140,000KC. And I guess thats enough to hold me over for one month as this site says. Cya Soon !!
Ben(Guest) Published: 04:08:50 15.05.2011
I've been living in Prague for nearly four years with my wife and 2 year old son, we own our flat but still pay ground rent, have a Skoda Octavia and rent a small 12Msq office space too. We did our sums carefully and came to the conclusion that really we need to be earning at least 50K per month Net (73K gross) to allow us to live comfortably - ie cover all of our costs, go on holiday a couple of times a year, save around 5-8k month for our old age etc. Salaries in Prague are generally quite low I think, compared to the cost of food and clothes. I often wonder how on earth people who earn the 'average' monthly salary of 25K/month gross manage to raise a family.
Vlad(Guest) Published: 02:06:36 10.05.2011
Some answers for you guys who ask about the salaries and costs of living (I am from Brno, CZ). Prague is certainly most expensive city in CZ Rep as you'd expect from capital. Someone wrote he/she is considering relocating and accepting salary of 16 000 CZK. That sucks to be honest, with that money you ll have to share a room or so, unless you plan to live in a village very far from bigger cities. The sad truth on the other hand is that most of Czech people earn about 20 000 per month so they need to couple up to be able to pay rent and still have some entertaining life. So generally, I will take it that you wanna know how much you need to have in order to live a "high standard" life. Well that would be round 50 000 in Prague, 40 000 in Brno, 30 000 in other cities and 20 000 somewhere else (all before paying taxes as this is what you see on the job offers usually). If you just want to survive sharing a room eating bread and salt, having a one or two beers at the end of the week, then divide the values by two. Any salary that is higher that 50 000 is considered to be very high and you'd belong to the "richest" 10% of population here. For illustration - senators have roughly some 60 000 base (+ crazy high compensation packages but let's not mention it). So that gentleman above who's considering 110 000 CZK a month does not really need to be doubtful about the life standard he'd gain for him and his family (congrats by the way and 1 hint - don't tell any Czech people, they're very jealous and they always think that if you have higher salary than them - you must be either a thief or, in the better case, son of a damn rich bastard who leads the company you work for). I wish you all to like Czech Rep more than I do :-)
Uno(Guest) Published: 05:15:29 18.04.2011
I planned to visit Prague in this coming June. May i ask what is the basic living cost per month to live in Prague?