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Are you working in a sales role but feel something is missing?

Want to grow a business unit and experience the life-changing financial rewards that come with business success?

We are NonStop Consulting, an international recruitment consultancy covering multiple sectors across Europe and the USA. We’re built on an ethos of training and professional development for our employees, and of rewarding them for their work!

We’ve significantly developed the advanced levels of our award-winning training programme over the last few years so we can help you achieve your career goals faster! 

Why NonStop?

The simple answer to this question is: because we won’t stand in your way when it comes to your learning, ability to earn, and opportunities to progress.

NonStop Consulting isn’t just any normal run of the mill recruitment company. We also consider ourselves to be a training and development company. We have training programmes available to support employees at all career steps which have been designed in a way to keep pushing you forwards and thereby achieving your career goals as fast as you can handle!

If you have experience in sales or business development then you will already have a good grounding in the skills needed to be a successful recruiter. But perhaps you’ve been limited when it comes to opportunities to progress like many of our existing staff before they joined us.

We recognised this growing trend of career stagnation in other sales roles so created a fast-track management career path. This consists of a carefully designed training programme with an aim of developing motivated and commercially minded salespeople into successful recruitment business leaders.

Becoming a Team Leader

Even with just a couple of year’s sales experience, we’ll consider you for a team leader in training position, which is the first step to management

Maybe you’ve had a little management experience already but aren’t so confident with it. You might be able to step straight into our full team leader role!

Initially, you can expect a two-week induction into recruitment which should adapt your sales skills to recruitment. Once that’s complete, get ready to sink your teeth into our management modules including how to effectively analyse team performance, motivate your team and grow your team too.

Once you have completed that initial training, we will start helping you to build a team, starting with maybe two or three new entry-level hires for you to utilise the skills you’ve learnt with.

You’ll be set a number of clear targets that will be centred around the growth of your team, your personal performance and the overall performance of your team. Upon achieving the target, you’ll receive a promotion and become a Business Unit Manager.

THE EARNINGS: Team Leaders can expect a competitive salary based on the location they are living in. For London that would be £30,000 to £40,000 a year. For Prague, which has a much lower cost of living, that would be 42,000czk – 53,000czk per month. Team Leaders still focus on billing too, so earn commission of up to 40% for any revenue they generate, which will really boost those monthly earnings. In addition to this, based on targets and team performance, there are annual bonuses of £5,000 to £20,000 regardless of location.

What Makes us Different

Meritocracy: A clear career progression plan based on transparent targets, outlining exactly what you need to do to get to the next level and beyond

Training and ongoing professional development: No matter what level you are joining us at, expect a training and support programme which will allow you to adapt to your new role in the shortest time possible.

Earning potential: Don’t settle for minimal commission for your hard work. By joining NonStop you can expect to be significantly rewarded for your efforts and success. Every month multiple top-performing NonStop employees receive monthly pay exceeding €20,000!

Community: Which ever office you join, you can expect to be surrounded by like-minded individuals with success in their DNA.

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