Zlin Design Week 2020 Provided by Goout

1st May

Zlin – various venues Zlín

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For the sixth time the streets of Zlin and the Zlin Chateau will become alive thanks to the unique festival. Zlin Design Week draws into the design world everyone who goes by. Young team, design and marketing enthusiasts, of the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at Tomas Bata University are preparing this year’s Zlin Design Week for a topic COOPERATION.

Visitors can enjoy exhibitions in which communication, growth, innovations and functionality meet. Part of this one week lasting festival is also Conference Zlin Design Week, awarding prizes to winners of the international Best in Design contest, interactive Vepřo knedlo design workshops, PechaKucha Night, film screenings, legendary parties and many exhibitions of young talents and best designers from all over the country and abroad. The Zlin Design Week‘s program provides inspiration whether you are a designer, marketer, creative designer or simply an enthusiast who appreciates art and great experiences. This May’s trip to the East of Moravia promises an unforgettable atmosphere of a city full of unique Bata‘s architecture and a confirmation that creating together makes sense.