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Zebra Street Band will perform at Jazz Goes to Town Festival on 11 October.

The Amsterdam-based international Zebra Street Band will electrify the town with their contagious energetic burst of music that makes even the most stubborn stoics dance. They will start off with a street performance in the historical centre of Hradec and continue with an evening club concert in Náplavka café & music bar. This band has a masterful blend of African and Caribbean rhythms with jazz and breakbeat and they never perform a piece the same way twice. Everything is built upon the atmosphere of the current situation. Zebra Street Band will perform in Czech Republic for the first time ever.

Salvoandrea Lucifora – trombone
Alistair Payne – trumpet
Andrius Dereviancenko – tenor saxophone
John Dikeman – baryton saxophone
Onno Govaert – percussion
Fabio Galeazzi – percussion