VR II: Zero Days VR + Yemen's Skies of Terror

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DOX Centre for Contemporary Art Poupětova 1, Praha 7

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40–80 CZK

In the VR cinema, three bands of films are played each day at specific times. Viewers attend the screenings as they would a classic cinema. There are two short VR films in each slot, so the total time of a visit to the VR cinema does not exceed 30 minutes. The VR cinema has a capacity of 30 seats and reservations are made either online or directly in the DOX Gallery. Selected screenings will be followed by discussions with the creators and experts.

- Zero Days VR_ / Yasmine Elayat / USA, 2017 / 21 min – The uranium enrichment plant near the Iranian city of Natanz is located underground and is well-fortified. But not against sophisticated computer worms that use a software bug known as a zero day vulnerability. Stuxnet, which disabled thousands of Iranian centrifuges, was not part of an isolated group of hackers – its parameters corresponded to the work of Western intelligence. However, no state has yet been accused of the attack. This VR documentary, warning against the threat of global cyberwar, introduces viewers to the grid of computer networks to where the battlefield of the 21st century has moved.

- Yemen’s Skies of Terror / Viktorija Mickute / Yemen, 2018 / 6 min – At first glance, 17-year-old Abu Bakr was lucky. He was on his way to the pharmacy when a bomb hit his house. But his parents and three sisters were in the house, so in one brief moment he lost his whole family. The bombing began in 2015 after the rebels (Houthis) occupied Yemen’s capital Sanaʽa. The Saudi-led coalition has responded to this by a military intervention that still persists. Abu Bakr, seven-year-old Widad and 15-year-old Akram live in constant fear of raids and uncertainty about where food and other basic living requirements will come from. Combining documentary and animated scenes, this VR film offers a unique look into the lives of children in a war-ravaged city.