Vandermark & Kurzmann Duo + Pavel Zlámal & PQ Provided by Goout

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Náplavka náměstí 5.května 835, Hradec Králové

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100–200 CZK

Vandermark & Kurzmann Duo will perform with Pavel Zlámal and PQ formation at Jazz Goes to Town Festival on 9 October.

This duo, which links jazz improvisation and contemporary classical and electronic music, consists of internationally known American saxophonist Ken Vandermark and Austrian electronic musician Christof Kurzmann. The saxophonist and composer Ken Vandermark is one of the most prominent and creative musicians in the field of progressive jazz and free improvisation. The concert will be at 7 pm.

Ken Vandermark – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Christof Kurzmann – laptop, electronics

This young band was formed in the dynamic world of Brno’s Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts and is led by saxophonist Pavel Zlámal. His distinctive style is characterised by a lightness and ease with which he combines elements of contemporary and classical jazz. The band’s music is rhythmically strong, yet subtle, with a sense of growing urgency and dynamic changes in structure. It is typical for its elements of hard bop, free jazz and minimalist figures. Still none of this in any way hampers the harmony and lyricism present in almost all of the band’s pieces. Pavel Zlámal & PQ will perform at 8:30 pm.

Pavel Zlámal – tenor saxophone
Martin Konvička – piano
Juraj Valenčík – double bass
Václav Pálka – drums

Discounts apply only in advance, which ends 60 minutes before the concert starts. Price on the spot: 250 CZK.