Tutanchamon RealExperience Provided by Goout

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Museum Complex of the National Museum Václavské nám. 68, Praha 1

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150–520 CZK

The multimedia exhibition “Tutankhamun RealExperience” offers an opportunity to discover the magic of Egypt in a unique way.

A selection of original objects, describing how the Ancient Egyptians conceived the afterlife, introduces the Tutankhamun RealExperience. The majority of the precious artifacts come from the collections of the National Museum – Náprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures in Prague. Among them, the absolute masterpiece on display is the statue of the young pharaoh from the Museum August Kestner in Hanover. The artefacts displayed are all from ancient Thebes and document how the Ancient Egyptians conceived the mystery of the afterlife, far from the conceptions of the modern religions, but that already contemplate the hope of resurrection on earth.

An extremely complex multimedia immersive system will lead the visitor to follow the destiny of the pharaoh after his death. The use of the most advanced multimedia technologies enhances the informative strength of the contents: the visitor is immersed in an enthralling journey through a virtual odyssey, to discover the complexity of the Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the underworld. In the first room of the Multimedia section, art becomes an immersive experience. The visitor will be guided by Howard Carter to discover the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Thanks to extraordinary images, the visitor goes back to ancient Egypt, from Thebes to the Valley of the Kings. Through a dark, dimly lighted corridor the visitors enter the second gallery, where they experience the voyage of the pharaoh through the afterlife. Tutankhamun himself will accompany the visitor through this multisensory experience. The “audio-visual story” gives the visitor a unique opportunity to discover the various elements of the show from different perspectives by simply moving around the room. At the end of the exhibition there will be a section dedicated to Professor Jaroslav Černý (1898–1970), prepared by the National Museum. He was one of the key figures of Czech Egyptology, a world famous epigrapher and philologist who devoted most of his life to the study of the community of workmen responsible for the construction of royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings.