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National Museum of Agriculture Kostelní 44, Praha 7 – Letná

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0–150 CZK, Tickets available at venue

Expositions of more than 500 m2 in a large hall on the lower ground floor of the main building of the NZM in Prague represent the 20 most important items (tractors, stable threshing engines, threshing machines and potato pickers) from the collection of historical agricultural machinery NZM (their main part is stored in NZM Čáslav). The entire exposition is conceived as a story that accompanies the visitor through the history of mechanization of the demanding work of farmers.

Permanent exhibition The tractor is interactive and includes electronic games, gaming consoles, educational and teaching lectures for schools (see also For schools). One of the exposed exhibits in the “Going the Tractor” exhibition – the legendary Zetor 15, can be “experienced and” harnessed “or used for photography by adults and children under adult supervision.