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Cinema Pilot Donská 19, Praha 10

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Daily manure / Nikola Krutilová / 24 min. – A cinematic poem about a place which stores the waste of our civilization. Tons of excess bread products and vegetables pour out of the waste containers. Bulls wander around abandoned bodies of cars. Birds fly in and peck away at the piles of bread. The ramp feeding the fermenter of the biofuel station is constantly whirring, moving the mass into its depths. The film uses the observation method to capture the goings on of an agricultural establishment and shows one of the facets of 21st century farming.

Intermezzo / Zdena Sýkorová / 4 min. – What is food to us and what could it be? Or, “I want to buy a frozen hen. I have a herd of cows in my basket. What is happening? Vašek Kopelec knows it. The grey hair is your hint.”

Tale, then jelly, then laughing duck, you play, pets and something new / Tereza Chudáčková / 5 min. – A fairytale opening. The curtain rises and you are thrown immediately into a world where a duck laughs in your face, you transform, you are in a world where you play, then some other animals wave at you and there is a forest and then it ends, but then something new begins and you imagine a forest that is a little bit different.

Hide N Seek / Barbora Halířová / 7 min. – During a game of hide and seek, a young boy hides in a fence. An old man remembers his childhood and his hiding place in the fence. Behind the fence is a hole and behind that hole…the world.

Dream / Martin Jeřábek / 7 min. – Every boy in the village would like to try out his dad’s motorbike. What can be done when it’s for sale? A short film about a snap decision.

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