The Handicrafts Lane Provided by Goout

Today, Permanent

Technical Museum in Brno Purkyňova 105, Brno

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70–320 CZK, Tickets available at venue

The establishment of manufacture and mass-production almost caused the disappearance of the productions of small craftsmen who provided convenience goods for our forefathers such as garment, footwear, furnishing, various machines and tools. The existence of craftsmen workrooms, forethought technologies and master-ship of producers from various countries are commemorated by the expositions in the nature. TMB also exemplifies works of urban craftsmen from 1920s and 1930s.

The lane includes examples of period workrooms (watchmaker’s, locksmith’s, tailor’s, boot-maker’s and barber’s) in order to bring the atmosphere of the pre-war period closer to the visitors. The exhibition is complemented with a coffee-roaster, dentist‘s surgery, pub and a part of gallery dwelling.